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Business Achievers Award

As you know we’re partners in the Business Achievers Awards (BAA), which is the longest running business awards programme in Ireland. BAA celebrates the real businesses in Ireland; the ones that normally don’t get the attention and recognition they deserve; the real heroes of this economy.

With the organisers of the Business Achievers Awards we did a survey to see if there was room for improvement (there always is).

The real surprise was the 95% of the respondents said that awards are important for reasons such as PR, media exposure, credibility, recognition, connections, access to expertise, staff motivation, benchmarking, learning, networking, etc., etc.

There is a good understanding of the value such a competition can bring to a company. You can imagine our surprise that although 95% say it is a good idea that 92% of respondents do not bother to enter.

So just to emphasise. Great idea 95%. Not entering 92%. And the reasons; too much hassle, too cumbersome, too much form filling.



  • PR
  • media exposure
  • credibility
  • recognition
  • connections
  • access to expertise
  • staff motivation
  • benchmarking
  • learning
  • networking


  • Hassle
  • Cumbersome
  • Too much form filling

At Smallbusinesscan we are helping you with some of the minuses. We can’t fill in the form for you, but we can help you to get the best application possible by giving you access to expertise to people who have done it (and won).

Support Group

Sign up to this group and all the support you need to apply is there.


And then reap the benefits and apply.

Don’t forget the Business Live Events

If you’re planning on scaling your business get along to the Business Live events starting in Belfast on November 16th. Businesspeople that  are growing their businesses will be discussing the management challenges that they’re going through as they look for new markets to exploit. Plenty of information available on the website and if you have topics that you want covered let us know.