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Business achievers online application

The Business achievers awards are one of the premier all island business competitions. If you’re thinking of entering the Ulster Bank Business achievers awards, have a read of this. We also hope that you find the online entry process to be straightforward enough. And if you do enter business achievers, we hope that the process will help you learn a bit more about your business, as-well as (hopefully) getting it, you, your staff and all stakeholders some deserved publicity and recognition.

Entering the Business Achievers Awards

You have 2 ways of entering business achievers. First, you can apply online. Second, you can download and save a pdf version of the application.

Online application is best

What we’d like you to do is download and save the pdf on your PC. Have a good look at it and make sure that you have all of the information and THEN APPLY ONLINE. Online is automated, so we’ll get it straight to our business achievers database and you’ll get back an immediate copy and acknowledgement of your application.

Don’t write too much

If you’re organized, the online should take 20-30 minutes max…if it’s more than that, you’re writing too much! You cannot save the online business achievers form in the middle of the application: If you leave it, the information will not be saved!

Pick a category

Here’s a recap of the business achievers categories. Hopefully we have a category that suits all of our members. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the best category. Click the closest one you think suits. If the judges think you’re better suited to another category, they will let you know. No company will be disqualified for picking the wrong category.

Proof read the application

Here’s an article on technique for filling in the form. Sorry if it sounds didactic, but you can’t imagine how many people ruin their great story by filling in a shoddy form.

Everyone’s a winner

We also have an article on the benefits of entering. But do you know what our top tip is; Don’t worry about winning. Use the process to stand back and take a helicopter view of your business. Look at where it is now. Examine where you want to take it. Figure out how you’re going to get there. Use the opportunity to spend a couple of hours working and reworking your strategy. Because without a clear strategy, you could end up just doing busy work and getting nowhere fast!

Obviously there are other benefits. There are some great prizes including a 50k advertising with the Independent Group: Not to be sneezed at. There will be a lot of publicity, not just for winners; if you attend the networking events there will be local and national media as-well as influential people that can help your business such as bankers, politicians, enterprise support agencies and potential funders.

 The line up of partners for this competition is phenomenal – and they all have people you will probably want to meet. Enterprise Ireland, Intertrade Ireland, Invest NI, BNI, CPA, Irish Internet Association, British Irish Chamber of Commerce, UKTI, Institute of Directors, Bord Bia, Prince’s Trust, Camichael Centre and Managementworks. In fact it’s a line up of the great and the good that support enterprise on the island of Ireland. And of course don’t forget Ulster Bank and Small Business Can!

If you need help

Contact us directly at We’re happy to talk through the application and discuss your business model and how it should be presented. Remember, this is a selling exercise, so pitch your business properly. One other thing; the application is a process. Filling in the form is just a first step to getting you short listed. So again, don’t write too much. Just whet the judges appetites and have them begging for more!

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