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Business Live dates and venues announced

The dates, venues and registration form for the business live shows have gone up on the site (register yourself here). We’re giving smallbusinesscan members plenty of notice of what’s looking like a fantastic series.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be announcing the line up of panellists. We’re getting a group together that are selling their wares all over the world.

They’re not all big companies either. We have a  lot of SMEs, just like yours perhaps, that are selling into Britain for example as a matter of course….but just looking down the list there’s at least 48 countries around the world that have been sold into by the panellists that have said yes, so far.


These people spend their lives on planes developing new markets, building distribution channels, getting logistics right and are happy to share experiences and insights….

How will these gigs work? We’re looking at panels of 5 businesspeople per event that have experience of selling abroad and opening up new markets. They’re selling everything from food to technology. They have experience of selling into large corporates, setting up distribution channels, getting goods shipped, eCommerce across borders, researching new markets….

They’ll be discussing all the practical things necessary for doing business abroad…when is a company ready to consider the leap to exporting, what markets should be targeted, what research needs to be done, what helps available, the importance of distribution, getting the ecommerce strategy right, understanding the selling process into large multi national corporates, logistics, commission structures for local agents, the importance of local agents and where to find them, getting paid…….

What do you want covered?

And anything else that you want to discuss! We’ve set up a group to tell us what people want covered on these nights, so let us know. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of opportunities at the events aswell to ask questions and participate.

Please take the time to register as soon as possible. These events will only be publicised through smallbusinesscan for the next two weeks, before a general PR campaign. We want to make sure that every SBC member gets a place at these events and we also want to gauge demand to make sure that we have enough venues and dates.

So register now and we’ll send you an invitation…..