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Business Women Can ambassadors profiled

It is time to put a spotlight on our ambassadors that are involved in Business Women Can. These are the people that have joined to be helpful and supportive to any (women-led) business that needs it. The BWC A-team. We are going to profile one a day for the coming 30 days as a reminder that the support is there and also to highlight the women-led-business catagory in the Business Achievers Award. If you want to avail of support contact

Bio for Ciara Feely, Founder

Ciara Feely is an expert on hotels and venues. She has built and developed her expertise from 14 years experience working in the industry.  Her hospitality foundations began in San Francisco working for multinational hotel chains such as the InterContinental Hotel Group, blending that with the diversity of working with family run and independent hotels in Ireland.  These led her to carve out the profession of being the original Venue Finder when she made the move home in 2004.

As Founder of Ciara specialises in finding the right venue for conferences, meetings and events.  She is passionate about the difference getting the right venue can bring to an event – it can be the difference between an average event and a brilliant event.

Ciara is the proud mother of 2 year old twins and when not running her business is running after them!  Hillwalking, archery and reading style and fashion magazines take up what time is left.  Ciara’s drive comes from having a positive frame of mind and building in activities and a support structure in her week to ensure that positivity remains “topped up.” It is vital to the health of any business and home. Her networking skills have been developed through the training she receives from her BNI (Business Network International) membership.  Working at a Director level with this networking organisation has also helped to hone her presentation skills and help others. The core of Ciara’s business and personal philosophy is “How can I help you?”.

Ciara Feely, Venue Finder, Find a Conference Venue Ltd. – 086-3611428

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