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Can you Imagine What I Would do if I Could do all I Can?

Short termism v long termism

Before we start, someone in the office asked what’s the difference between strategy and tactics. After a deep and very intellectual (Sic) discussion on the works of Tzu Sun, we agreed on these definitions/explanations.

Strategy is done above the shoulders / Tactics are done below the shoulders (unless you think with your …..gut!)

Strategy is done by the boss / Tactics by the worker bees.

The Troika had a strategy (even if you didn’t agree with it)…when they left the Government reverted to tactics?

Strategy – long term, changes infrequently. Tactics – short term, susceptible to changing conditions.

Basically we agreed that strategy must come first in order to make informed decisions. That’s why we built the business planning tool – a way for you to look strategically at your business.

Best of both worlds

While you’re thinking strategically and tactically, consider entering the Business Achievers awards (Full application form is up on the site now). It addresses strategy by helping you to think about your business as you fill in the entry form. It addresses tactics because by potentially winning a category or region, you’re also going to generate some serious publicity and credibility for your business.

Small businesses of Ireland…we love you

While you’re a small business and before you build your strategy to become a big business, here’s a mini website offer from website provider Paxad. It’s giving away a free mini website to each of the first 100 companies that emails its details to Paxad… Look at the blog here for more information….

Yes we love you…we do!

On Thursday we started to promote all the help available from the myriad of enterprise support agencies on the island. If you’re starting out and are looking for help take a look at our new resources centre. At the moment we have the details of almost 600 agencies, what they do and contact details. There is plenty of help available – but it will not come to you. You have to go and chase it.

If you’re a support agency and you want to blog about your services or if you want to promote some of your companies contact us at


Are you a small business looking for SME Funding and Support in Ireland? Click below for a complete list of supports.

SME Funding & Support

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