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Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity ever!

Sizzling hotspot If you have kids, you cannot help but be passionate about climate change. As one of the biggest existential threats to humanity, but also as one of the largest opportunity we have ever seen. To quote from “climate change” by Joseph Romm; “climate change will have a bigger […]

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A Business Guide to Sustainability and CSR Software

Sustainability has become a business watchword in recent years. However, gathering the information and data required to generate meaningful policies and produce reliable reports can seem daunting. Fortunately, the explosion in sustainability software is revolutionising the way large organisations process and analyse non-financial data. In this article I want to […]

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Why Cannabis’s Small Business Industry is Flourishing

The Cannabis sativa plant and the products derived from it such as hemp, medicinal marijuana, and recreational marijuana are enjoying a resurgence of business and financial success. The various forms of the cannabis plant are used for industrial, medicinal, and recreational purposes. The popularity and acceptance of hemp and marijuana […]

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Be unfuckwithable

Healthy mind “Healthy mind, healthy body” is something that CEOs, entrepreneurs, and owner managers should take note. In Bookbuzz we have covered quite a few of those books. From “Mindstore” by Jack Black, “Move, eat, sleep” by Tom Rath, down to “Coherence” by Alan Watkins. Power of the mind The […]

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Put your shoulder to the wheel #brexitsupport

Tired of Brexit? Just because it is summer, does not mean that it going to go away. Brexit will figure the headlines for a long time to come. We need to be ready. For the opportunities and the threats. Unknown unknowns The issue is that there are many different unknowns […]

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Ulster Bank business series events

Ulster Bank is pleased to present the Business Series The series is being developed as part of our commitment to Businesses in Ireland, to show our support as well as how we can help and be part of the conversation by delivering content that is relevant and in line with our […]

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Plato Seminar – Winning Public Tenders

May 24 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm €40 Register here Brief Programme Description This programme will show small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how to win government contracts by using market information to build and benefit from relationships with buyers and collaborators. Did you know? Almost half of public sector tenders […]

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Competition: Your Ticket to European and Global Success

ClimateLaunchpad Our competition is your ticket to European and global success. Provided you have a green business idea and have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or […]

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Climate Change, We Need Your Help

It is funny how things go. Social entrepreneurship For a long time, I have been a firm believer that social entrepreneurship and “normal” entrepreneurship will merge into one. The same will start to apply to larger organisations as technology, organisational design and the attitudes of generation Y, G, Einstein, and […]

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Welsh Food and Drinks Companies Coming to Ireland

Trade opportunities for Irish food and drinks companies Twenty Welsh food and drink companies are preparing to visit Ireland at the end of this month in a bid to increase trading opportunities. Supported by the Welsh Government, the Food and Drink Wales trade development visit will provide producers with critical […]

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Ivan Yates to speak at British Irish Chamber Dinner

Ivan Yates Ivan Yates is a broadcaster, columnist, businessman and former politician, holding the position of Fine Gael Dáil deputy for more than twenty years. A native of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, he became involved in local politics at a young age and, at twenty-one years old, was the youngest member […]

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Help entrepreneurs to grow, mentors wanted

Helping 80 entrepreneurs to grow The World’s largest free business accelerator, Entrepreneurial Spark, is opening its doors to exciting and dynamic businesses in Belfast this February (and we can’t wait!). Powered by Ulster Bank, we are offering free office space, a 6-18 month programme of hands-on enablement, a start up boot […]

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Climate Launchpad Launched

Climate Launchpad, which is part of Climate-KIC Europe’s largest clean/sustech accelerator, is launching again. Climate Launchpad Sustainable Nation is running Climate Launchpad, the ideas competition of Climate-KIC again this year. Last year one of the finalists Orbas (internet of food, got to the last 20 out of 80 finalist and 700 submissions. […]

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If you are exporting to the UK ..

There is no rugby on the weekend of the 19th of February. That doesn’t mean we can’t go shoulder to shoulder with our exporting partners in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Highlight One of the highlights of the conference season is the annual British Irish Chamber of Commerce dinner and […]

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Want a slice of a 37 trillion business opportunity?

Business and not governments will provide the solutions to solve the climate change problem. Climate KIC As Irish partner of Climate-KIC, Europe’s leading cleantech programme, we run an IDEAS competition (or pre-accelerator) called Climate Launchpad. Climate Launchpad ClimateLaunchpad is Europe’s largest climate change business idea competition. It aims to unlock Europe’s cleantech […]

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McCormack Family Farms at “I Believe”

As part of “I believe“, Ulster Bank has given a stand to their clients to sample the Christmas atmosphere, sell and make the public aware of their offerings. Over the next weeks you can visit them at the Food and Craft market. On Saturday 19 December it is the turn of […]

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