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Ways to Improve Meetings

Become the fly on the wall at the Monday morning management meeting, and you will see the essence of any organisation. Research confirms our suspicions that most meetings are useless. Here are some simple tips to improve meetings and make them productive. In their 2012 survey, Wasting time at Work, revealed 47% of respondents rated “attending too many meetings” as their biggest time thief. Unproductive meetings Many of you […]

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€2 million, 3 Gateways, 6 Companies

Three research groups at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) have been recently awarded almost €2 million by Enterprise Ireland to deliver technology solutions for 6 companies. The funding will enable researchers in all three of the Institute’s Enterprise Ireland supported Technology Gateways to work with the companies in the areas of agri-food, ICT and biomedical devices. James O’Sullivan, Technology Transfer Manager at WIT said, “These are very large scale projects […]

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Best 5 Colors That Increase Productivity

Color is the single most powerful design element for improving aesthetic of a living space. The ideal color of the walls and ceiling can affect the dimensions of the space and its lighting as well as the mood of a person that spends a lot of time in it. Colors significantly affect the mood and the efficiency of your employees. Studies have shown that each color has different effects on […]

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4 Content Marketing Tips

Marketing has changed from being sales driven to focusing on earning the interest of the consumers by providing content that is helpful, relevant and informative. Because of this reason content marketing has been named the present and future of marketing. The millennial era has seen the introduction of a new type of customer, one that wishes to search for the best deal as opposed to being sold directly to. The […]

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Making a Great Ad for PPC Marketing

Businesses involved in PPC marketing and advertising are always looking for ways to increase their click through rates. Nevertheless, many do not realize that the first step to achieving this is to have a good ad. Without a good ad, your website will be performing below par in terms of traffic and conversions. Keywords and PPC Marketing The main aim of putting up ads is to get searchers to click […]

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Vishing: Know the Voice of a Fraudster

Vishing or voice phishing is the technique used by the fraudster to gain access to personal and financial information over the telephone. Typically, the fraudster will telephone the victim and impersonate a member of Bank staff. As with all social engineering techniques, the fraudster prays on the human tendency to trust other people. He or she is looking for the vital piece of the jig- saw; those all important security […]

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Startup Story: Stylefish

Why you should invest in Julie Cobbe and her Dragons’ Den-approved firm Stylefish? From trainee solicitor to Dragons’ Den victor, Julie Cobbe has been able to combine her two loves – fashion and teaching – into one formidable business idea: Stylefish. With a little help from Dragon and publishing maven Norah Casey, Julie’s fashion school, set up in 2009 has evolved into a credible brand and she has worked with […]

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

The number of small businesses that don’t blog is often quite astounding. If we had a penny for every time clients and potential clients told us that they ‘don’t have time to blog’, or ‘nobody will read it’, we’d be slightly better off. In this post we outline some of the reasons why your small business needs a blog. Every business can benefit from a blog – small, medium or […]

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5 Tips to Manage Your Workload and Help Ease Stress

Workload management – easier said than done, right? If you’re a small business owner, you probably juggle more tasks than you should and wish there were more hours in the day. While there’s always something you could be doing to improve your business, taking on too much yourself will leave you over-stressed and less productive as a result. Here are 5 ways to better manage your workload and reduce those […]

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Should You Move Out Of Your Home Office?

Many entrepreneurs begin their journey by growing their young business from home. There are numerous reasons why this may be the case: they may have no requirement for a dedicated office or they may be looking to minimise costs in any way possible. However, the vast majority of businesses will reach the inevitable stage when their home office is no longer suitable for their needs. It can be difficult to […]

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How to Get Your Idea to the Store Shelves?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that’s over-crowded. Creating something that will bring you a ton of money isn’t impossible, but it’s getting harder to get there than it used to be. If you’re thinking about starting something on your own for a while now, you’ve probably started noticing unconsciously a couple of repetitive news you hear all around you, like “a brand new millionaire”, “head-spinning success” […]

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What is Big Data, Exactly?

Today, the world is interconnected by Internet based applications and devices. People consume more data than ever. The amount of data generated and consumed by businesses, social networks and machines are multiplying every year. Data is no longer measured in megabytes. It is measured in petabytes these days. The exponential growth of data, its usage and applications has led the industry experts to start using the term big data. It […]

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5 Great Small Business Accounting Software Packages

Running a small business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. As a small business owner, do you ever find that you get bogged down with things like payroll and accounting tasks? Those are the key areas where most small business owners find they lose a lot of time and make the most mistakes. Did you know that there are some great accounting software packages out there that are […]

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Startup Story: Local Gift Cards

‘What do you want?’ It was the question I would get constantly from my thoughtful sisters in New York and London around Christmas and birthdays. ‘Anything’, I would reply, but most of the time I would be thinking I’d really love those boots I saw in Fuchsia Footwear or a nice meal in one of the many fine restaurants here in Clonakilty, knowing well that it wasn’t possible for them […]

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Deadline approaching for EuropeanPioneers €4.5million funding for Startups Apply Here

The EuropeanPioneers accelerator programme aims to boost the development of digital SMEs and start-ups in Europe’s media sectors. The accelerator pursues this goal by providing EU funding to promising businesses and build upon the FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms. The programme also provides participants with coaching and mentoring in cutting-edge business methodologies and access to strong venture capital and business networks. Apply to […]

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Start-up Story: Mobile Storage Services

Our business can be described as an end to end solution to self storage and removals. At Mobile Storage Services we bring the solution to you thus offering convenience and dramatically reduced handling of your belongings putting the customer back in control. In today’s busy world we bring bespoke storage trailers to your home or business which you can load in your own time and we look after everything else. […]

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Prioritizing Positivity and Creating a Quality Culture

There is no one path to creating a quality culture in your company. Often, it is a trickledown effect starting with the founders or officers of the company. If these individuals possess the attributes for effective leadership, then the other pieces fall into place. However, as the company grows, it becomes difficult to maintain a quality culture as more people and personalities enter the mix. Here are some things to […]

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Jobs Bulletin (#allaboutjobs): For week ending 10 October

This jobs bulletin is part of the Government’s Year for Jobs Campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of what is being done in Ireland to create jobs & tackle unemployment. On Twitter, follow @yearforjobs or hashtag any of your announcements with #allaboutjobs Useful statistics 1.9m – People now in work, up 31,600 in Q2 2014 compared to Q2 2013 1.7% – Increase in employment in the last year 11.1% – Current […]

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10 Productivity Life-Savers for Small Business

Running a small business can be tough, since it demands a seemingly endless amount of time and attention. Even minor tasks like reading and responding to emails, managing employees or reviewing paperwork can eat away at your productivity. The time required for those tasks doesn’t even include what it takes to do some of the bigger stuff like growing your business or exploring opportunities to boost ROI. Problems really start […]

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Budget 2015: Incentives Not Benefiting Small Businesses?

Last week, asked its customers for their feedback with regard to the changes they would like to see in Budget 2015. With a client base focused on saving money, and users who are mainly SME’s the answers were interesting considering SME’s have been identified as the sector to get Ireland’s economy moving again in 2015. The goal of the poll was to see if the current Government are doing […]

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