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Jobs Bulletin (#allaboutjobs)

This jobs bulletin is part of the Government’s Year for Jobs Campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of what is being done in Ireland to create jobs & tackle unemployment. On Twitter, follow @yearforjobs or hashtag any of your announcements with #allaboutjobs Useful statistics 1.9m – People now in work, up 31,600 in Q2 2014 compared to Q2 2013 1.7% – Increase in employment in the last year 11.2% – Current […]

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Business Dress Code In Office

Every business establishment has a certain dress code in the office. The formality of a business’s dress code usually depends on whether or not the employees will face customers. The dress code may also have safety and health logic to it. Many employers make their policies known by providing an official dress code that employees have to sign during their orientation meetings. Some employers relay the information to their employees […]

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Startup Tools for Success

Job designation such as a “Startup Owner” may sound fantastic to many but actually it’s a 24/7 job that comes with  hectic situations and frustrations being caused by various reasons, which multiplies by 2x if you have an application as a product that helps users in some way. In this post we look at some startup tools that can help you on your way to success. One of the main […]

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Fraud Awareness: Cyber Security

Fraud techniques continue to evolve as criminals look for new ways to defraud their victims. Everyone is a potential target. Ulster Bank is committed to helping you safeguard your money and uses a wide range of fraud prevention and detection processes in the fight against financial crime. We also help our customers remain vigilant and to follow best practice in order to help safeguard their business. Cyber security Over the […]

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Start-up Story: is a new online magazine dedicated to Ireland’s growing foodie culture. Our mission is find all of Ireland’s top foodie hotspots and share our journey with you. We will bring the latest news, reviews, offers & competitions to you on a daily basis. “If you love good food experiences, then is the place for you!” – Keith Mahon, TheTaste CEO. Where do we see it going Our mission […]

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How Your Start-up Should and Can Create a Distinctive Brand

So, you’re a start-up and green around the ears. But, what differentiates you from other start-ups? To the idle observer, it’s probably, very little at this stage. Branding can change that. Start-ups and small businesses often ignore branding, understanding it as something that should be left until later when the money starts rolling in. However, what happens if the money never rolls in? What happens if nobody cares enough about […]

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Essentials Of Small Business Confidence

How confident are you about your business right now? In this post we’ll be looking at the essentials of small business confidence. If you’re feeling optimistic, then you’re not alone. In fact according to a recent survey (1) , a whopping 80 per cent of SMEs in the UK have overall confidence in the way business is going right now. This good news was underlined last week with the equally […]

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How to Prevent Corporate Espionage

For a lot of organizations, intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary technology are the factors that provide them with their biggest competitive advantage. Regrettably, these factors are becoming increasingly vulnerable to misuse, which is why it is crucial that companies take adequate and appropriate measures to protect their vital information. In this post we look at how to prevent corporate espionage. What is Corporate Espionage? Corporate or industrial espionage is […]

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Why Learning Outcomes Need More Focus

Now that the focus has shifted from technique to outcome in the learning industry, it is time to put even more focus on the outcomes in order to affect a better result. The shift from technique to outcome was a long time coming and it places more emphasis on the ends rather than the means. If you’re unfamiliar with the functioning of an outcome-based learning program, here are the main […]

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How Can LinkedIn Help You Get A Job?

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a social networking platform that allows professionals from various fields and organizations to connect in a manner similar to facebook. Unlike the entertainment based nature of Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly used for professional purpose and is used to share important company information and are used by several organizations to look for potential employees. Several corporate moguls like Microsoft, EBay and Netflix have been known to […]

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7 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Growing Business

Your business is growing at a rapid and escalating rate – what’s wrong with that, you might ask? Well, nothing – provided you can keep up with it. However, like wildfire, if your business grows too fast too soon, it could end up burning out as a result. Growing a successful business is a long-distance race – you’ve got to learn to pace yourself in order to still have some […]

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Is Your Strategy Making Money?

The amount invested in sales forces (including salaries, benefits, and other components of SG&A—selling, general and administrative expenses) is about $900 billion annually. This is more than five times the $170 billion spent on all media advertising in 2012 and more than twenty times the $40 billion spent on all online advertising and marketing in 2013. Hiding behing social media “Do you do anything in sales?” is a question we […]

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Small Business Debts: How to Eliminate Them With Ease

Eliminating a small business debt can turn out to be tricky if not pursued with due sagacity. However, it’s important to note that the business debts are entered as “Accounts Receivables” in the bookkeeping diary. The “accounts receivables” refer to the total payments which the company owes to others. For a small business, an outstanding loan might just be all the difference between the profit and losses. If you are […]

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How to Make Your Business More Visible

It is a well-known fact that people try to find a niche for their small business so that they have less competition and they have more room for advancement. However, the smaller your niche is, the less competition you have but also, you need customers with more specific needs. Therefore, you need to make sure that people with those needs will come looking for you. With that in mind, you […]

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Make Your PPC Landing Pages Easy and Effective

A big mistake many marketers make in the PPC Landing pages world is that they request too much information from their visitors. If you have paid to get someone onto your website then you need to convert them to a paying customer if at all possible. You therefore need to stack the deck in your favor. ROI and Split testing When you’re building a PPC business model you want to […]

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€800m Funding Facility for SME’s

Data released this week shows that after a growth of 40% in asset based finance in Qtr 2 this year there is still an additional €800m funding facility available. During the quarter to the end of June 2014, E1.3bn of asset-based finance was advanced to nearly 2,000 Irish businesses. The majority of these clients had annual turnover of between E1m and E5m. As traditional bank lending has become more restricted […]

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Identifying 10 Early Success or Failure Indicators

John Evoy of  Irish Men’s Sheds Association has been involved in many projects. This has helped him identify some failure indicators and some success indicators. He wrote this blog, in the hope that he might help others identify these indicators.  Over the last 10 years or so I have been involved in several non-profit projects; some have been fantastic, others have worked out OK and some have not worked at all. During […]

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5 SEO Tips Every Small Business Needs to Heed

SEO seems to be a pretty essential buzzword floating around out there right now, but why? Simply put, good SEO drives business. SEO is especially important for small businesses and e-commerce sites that are want to compete in their vertical. 1. Make sure you only have one h1 tag per page The h1 tag should have up to 150 characters of text that succinctly describes the contents of the page. […]

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