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Bookkeeping Basics Every Business Owner Should Know

Better implement your business’s bookkeeping process using the below bookkeeping tips.  They will help you bookkeep more efficiently and reduce the possibility of costly mistakes being made. Keep accurate records of your finances – Once you have a good system set up, it should take just a few minutes a day to keep accurate records. […]

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Why Designers For Small Business Have to Think About SEO and Conversion Right From the Start

It’s been said a million times, but gone are the days when a web designers sole job was to produce a beautiful, functional, intuitive website. Especially in smaller businesses, the role of designer is becoming that of ‘digital producer’ designing, writing, producing content, and making things happen for clients with their digital assets. […]

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Lessons Your Pop Up Store Can Learn From E-commerce

There’s no doubt e-commerce is taking over the retail landscape. But predictions of the death of the high street are misguided. Brick and mortar stores still have a lot to offer and can actually learn from the online giants to adapt their services. Here’s what popup store operators can learn […]

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Where Should You Rent a Serviced Office?

The serviced office industry is the fastest growing sector of the real estate market in Europe, and nowhere is this more apparent than London. The serviced office market in the British capital is fiercely competitive and overwhelmingly vast. Picking the perfect spot for your business is becoming increasingly hard. Picking […]

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Office Design 101 for High-Growth Businesses

Creating attractive, functional office design can be a daunting project, especially in a large, open space. Office cubicles have been the traditional structure of choice, but they create a maze of separated spaces and cramped quarters. Open office environments are the current trend, but there is also typically a need […]

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How to Pick the Right Location for Your Business

As you embark on the journey to select your business location, you have to focus on finding the best location possible. The right location can make or break your business. In order to excel and flourish, taking the time to pick the right location for your business requires serious consideration. […]

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Be unfuckwithable

Healthy mind “Healthy mind, healthy body” is something that CEOs, entrepreneurs, and owner managers should take note. In Bookbuzz we have covered quite a few of those books. From “Mindstore” by Jack Black, “Move, eat, sleep” by Tom Rath, down to “Coherence” by Alan Watkins. Power of the mind The […]

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Some Tips on Small Business Financing

Being the owner of a small business can be invigorating.  Who needs to jump out of airplanes or climb mountains when you can build something with your name on it from scratch.  Isn’t building a legacy what life is all about? A critical part of building a successful small business […]

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4 Ways Technology Increases Work Productivity

Technology has undeniably made our modern lives better, but it sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s true that technology often be distracting and can limit our productivity at work. A 2012 survey found that 64% of employees visited websites completely unrelated to their work every single day. But just because technology […]

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