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10 Tips for Improving Teamwork in the Workplace

It’s obvious to see that an organization benefits when its employees are working together synergistically. Good teamwork helps to build morale in the workplace, which makes workers more productive and ultimately improves profits. For organizations that have excellent teamwork, problem-solving is easier – since people with different skills and knowledge will […]

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8 Small Business Tasks that You Must Automate

If you could call it one, “time is money” can easily be the zeitgeist of the small business world. Being an entrepreneur is a huge responsibility. Making time or rather saving it can make a huge difference towards increasing efficiency and productivity. That’s where automating tasks can save the day […]

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How To Keep Your Small Business Growing

If you run a small business and want it to remain on the path to growth, note that there are multiple ways for you to realize the vision of company expansion. Here are three strategies that can keep your small business on track to perpetual growth: 1. Keep It Clean. […]

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6 Benefits of Contracting In the UK

Despite the Brexit and upcoming negations in the United Kingdom, contractors and freelancers are in high-demand for their specialised and versatile skills. Contractors are mainly hired as temporary workers to complete specific projects in a limited period of time. For example, many major IT businesses hire contractors to carry out […]

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What Effect Will Brexit Have On Immigration?

In the year ending March 2017, there were 2,978 visa applications with 2,546 of those being granted. Of this number there were a whole range of different nationalities including Chinese, Indian, Russian and Turkish. That same year it was recorded that there were 129.9million passenger arrivals into the UK which […]

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Startup Office Rental Ideas That Don’t Suck

Renting office space is a drain on resources for many small start-ups. Landlords demand three to five years lease terms and personal guarantee before securing an office. These requirements are not ideal for new enterprises that are aiming at growth with minimal liabilities. Thinking creatively and identifying your office needs […]

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