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4 Tools Every Small Business Should Have

A wise person once said “You are only as good as your tools.” This saying definitely holds water in the business world, where the right tools can increase productivity and improve efficiency and operating procedures. As a small business owner, you should make sure these clever tools are in your […]

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HR Tech Advances for the New Millennium

Human Resources is an evolving environment that has changed dramatically over the years. In the Industrial Era, HR professionals were around to resolve wage-related issues and to deal directly with unions for labor-dispute problems and compliance requirements. In the 21st Century, the new era of Human Resources brought new challenges […]

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The Opportunity for Irish SME’s

The Irish economy has come through an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions since 2007, but over the past couple of years it has started to emerge with a level of vigour and momentum that few would have predicted. The recovery that effectively commenced during 2014 has been sustained and built upon […]

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Managing Friction in the Workplace

A workplace needs all kinds of personalities, strengths and approaches to be successful. Unfortunately, sometimes certain traits clash and cause friction in the workplace. This is just human nature. Even the closest of families or the best of friends don’t always get along. Although minor conflicts are to be expected, […]

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Entrepreneurship: Go Bold

An asteroid killed off the dinosaurs in a blink of an eye. You will be extinct If you are a large company, you are likely to get killed off the same way the dinosaurs went. Killed by exponential change in robotics, ICT, sensors, AI, synthetic biology, genomics, nanotechnology, 3D, infinite […]

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5 Recruiting Trends Of 2015

The way companies recruit is constantly changing depending on the technology available and the state of the economy. Furthermore finding good talent can be very time consuming and expensive. Understandably improving your recruiting process is often an overlooked area of concern as business owners often have “bigger fish to fry” […]

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