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How Google Works

Every Thursday we discuss the business books we use (or nor use) with our clients on NewstalkFM. You can listen back to the podcast, where Alan and Ian discuss “How Google Works” here. It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts Both Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google as seasoned Silicon Valley business executives. After more than 10 years both have ended up feeling that, […]

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From Big to Small: Growing the Dream Business

Whether you create the cheesiest pizzas around or have a unique cellphone case idea, starting a business is a risky venture in any economy. What used to work for startups doesn’t translate to today’s modern outlook. Growing a small business, according to Rick Schaden, requires creative thought about the product or service to stage it for consumers. Use Established Marketing Channels Your startup doesn’t have to rely on old-fashioned marketing […]

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5 Investments Start-ups can Afford to Make

Start-ups often rise and fall on the quality and also the happiness of their staff. Happy workers tend to be productive workers and so keeping your employees in top form benefits your business in the long run. Now, we’re well aware that you don’t have a lot of money at the start of the business, however that doesn’t mean that you need to scrimp on the things that provide benefits. […]

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Rules of a Successful Business Lunch

Just last week I had a great client passing through and he invited me and several members of my office to lunch. It got me thinking about what makes for a successful business lunch. So I decided to pen down these simple rules to act as a guideline. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Coffee You, just as well as I know that in today’s world we are non-stop. Working hours don’t […]

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Tips to Make Your Lead Capture Strategy More Efficient

Fortunately, search engine marketing allows us to develop PPC campaigns that not only capture leads but helps us keep their interest by producing easy-to-complete lead generation forms on lead-capturing landing pages. Don’t Include Links on the Landing Page Once your potential lead lands on your landing page, you want to make sure he stays where he’s at and he answers your CTA, or call to action. So, don’t add any […]

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So You Want to Open a Salon?

For many people the thought of starting a small business in tough economic times can feel more than a little bit daunting. The majority of Americans have severely limited their discretionary spending and small businesses of all types are feeling the crunch. However, there are a few types of businesses that have still managed to stay in the black over the last few years — and one of these is […]

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Start-up Story: VideoAgora

Ah, ‘The Rich List'; the annual supplement which, eighteen years ago, had a young lad of just sixteen trawling through the who’s who of ‘old’ and ‘new’ money in Ireland and Britain. Sitting in the ‘reading seat’ pulled close to the sitting room window, circles would be drawn around the barons of Industry, with the showbiz ‘rich and famous’ entertainers ignored. Fifth year in Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, South County […]

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Various Advertising Approaches That Work

The crucial element for business extension is a strong basis, and a strong basis comes with a great number of regular customers. The problem is that everyone is trying to establish this strong base, therefore, it can be tricky to for people to just give their trust to someone who is basically a stranger. That’s the point of advertising, forging a new image for yourself, going from stranger to someone […]

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Are APP Companies Making Money?

451 Research reported this year that the average Android user downloads 4.1 apps per month, with 3.4 average free apps downloaded. On the iOS side, 451 Research said that the average iOS user downloads 6.2 apps per month, with an average of 4.3 free apps every month. Google claims to have 48 billion app downloads, while Apple is claiming 50 billion downloads. Last year Google reported over 1 million apps […]

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6 Critical Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing can be daunting for the uninitiated.  However, there are so many thought leaders out there that are trying to break down the barriers for those that come after them that you don’t have to go at it alone. Consider the following digital marketing tips and strategies, when putting together your B2B, PPC or content marketing strategies: LinkedIn Not Face Book Mark Schaefer, of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, says FaceBook […]

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Understanding SEO: the secret of Googlejuice

My colleague, ParcelHero’s Head of Editorial SEO, Alfred Eccles has over 15 years experience working as a Search Engine Optimiser and Web Design freelancer. In this short blog he unveils some essential principles of SEO for a successful online organic campaign. You can read the full article here. Understanding what is true SEO Many online businesses fail to grasp the essence of true Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In the past, […]

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Find Businesses to Buy

There are many reasons one would want to buy an existing business like investing, starting over, or starting a new venture. Not everyone is a start-up entrepreneur with a great idea and drive to build. It’s perfectly fine to take something existing and make it your own. But how do you find businesses to buy that are ready to be bought and in good shape? Contact an Investment Bank Private […]

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Galway Startup Weekend 3

[Event] Inaugural Start-up Weekend, Galway, November 14th-16th

Start-up Weekend is coming to Galway, 14th-16th November! Developers, designers and business development folks will come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend.  It is a great opportunity to test start-up ideas, meet potential co-founders, build the community in Galway and launch your next start-up!54 hours of activity will culminate in a round of presentations to the assembled judges, mentors, and other teams, leaving […]

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Courses for Small Business Owners – Train for a Brighter Future

Whether starting a new small business or trying to make the best of your existing one, training for the future is probably the best way to make sure that your business, and employees, will be able to meet any challenges that lie ahead. You may decide that you are the one who needs the training, or perhaps you have some young employees that will benefit from training development, but whichever […]

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8 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Hiring is a risky process, no matter what kind of applicants you receive. Some applicants look amazing on paper but don’t fit in well with your team. Others fit in well but don’t have much experience. Whatever the situation is that the potential candidate is in, follow these easy 8 hiring tips to amp up the hiring process for your business. 1. Clarify the Position The first thing candidates will […]

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Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

With the era we live in it’s almost become a commodity to work in the field you’ve schooled for. Usually, most of people find themselves working jobs they are not that passionate about either because those bring money or because they were the first thing offered to them after getting a degree. This, no doubt, leads to dissatisfaction that then ends in low quality employee engagement at a work place. […]

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Ulster Bank Host the 3rd IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event

The 3rd IDA/Ulster Bank “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event took place in Ulster Bank on George’s Quay on Thursday evening, 16th October 2014. The event was another huge success, driven by the strong attendance of c. 100 people from 50 different companies. The theme for the evening was “A Ghoulish Gathering” which added to the relaxed and somewhat festive atmosphere. There was a real buzz in the room as each […]

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Google Ads Banner Campaign 101

Creating a Google Ads banner campaign is a good choice for anyone just beginning advertising campaigns. Google has a built in Adsense network in which your ads will be displayed. Users will see your ads on Google search results pages and on websites which are part of Google’s Adsense network, without you having to organize or plan any of it. Creating An Ad First, create a Google AdWords account if […]

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[Infographic] The Evolution of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses as we know them today first became a widespread problem during the late 80s. Although they had existed since the mid 70s, home computers were virtually non-existent so they were never regarded as an issue. Real computers were a rare commodity owned only by technology experts and businesses. Anyone who did own one during this time would have more than likely had some form of programming knowledge and […]

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GM CEO Mary Barra: A Leading Lady With a Lot on Her Hands

General Motors has had a deservedly rough time in the public relations sphere. The company’s failure to acknowledge and repair the Chevy Cobalt’s faulty ignition switches has cost the company over $1.1 billion and resulted in the deaths of at least 13 people. Mary Barra took the reins at GM in 2014 just before the company issued its first Cobalt recalls. According to a report by former U.S. Attorney Anton […]

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