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3 Tips to Help You Increase Your Organic Facebook Reach For Your Business Page

Here are 3 tips by MyKidsTime team to help your business increase organic Facebook reach: 1. You need a content calendar Are you very busy running your business? Do you struggle to find time to do social media? Do you think every day Aargh what will I post? Then you need a content calendar. This can be a simple spreadsheet where you set out what you are going to post […]

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We've Voted for Big Red Cloud

Vote for Big Red Cloud

Big Red Cloud shortlisted We are delighted to announce that Big Red Cloud has been shortlisted for Sponsor for a Day where the winner will have their company name emblazoned across the Leinster jersey for a European Champions Cup match. This is a great idea and first came to light last year when Gahon Meats was the company that won the public vote and was selected to appear as the […]

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The feedback so far; the Ulster Bank business website is a Ford

We asked and your responded. We are now close to 200 responses. We like to thank you and Ulster Bank decided (in the spirit of co-creation) to share some of the feedback so far. It has been very good and very constructive. If you want to add your feedback, you can do it here  What do you like best about the site  The overwhelming response was the homepage makes it […]

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Small Business Public Procurement Survey

The Government has launched several initiatives aimed at making it easier for businesses to engage with public procurement. We want to find out how well these initiatives are working; as a small business it’s important that your voice is heard! Tender Scout and Amárach Research are conducting this survey to find out about your experiences of public procurement. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is […]

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Maven TM, a leading B2B telemarketing and lead generation agency to the technology industry, has been shortlisted for two major industry awards. The Carlow-based company is in competition for the Best Small or Growing Contract/Shared Services Centre and also Best Customer Acquisition or Sales Campaign categories for the 2014 Irish Contact Centre & Shared Services Awards. The awards ceremony – organised by CCMA (the Contact Centre Management Association) – will […]

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How to Make Sharable Content for Small B2B Businesses

The way that people share content has changed. It’s no longer about word of mouth cooler talk and asking friends if they saw the news last night. Instead, people can now quickly and easily share content with millions of people at the click of a button. For businesses that are using the internet, they want to do their best to create shareable content that will easily pass from one person […]

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From Great Coaches

From Great Coaches, Come Champions

Sport for Business works with businesses from the biggest to the smallest finding ways to integrate the passion of sport into sales, marketing, business development, taken identification and retention. Sport for Business 20/20 for 2015 allowed sporting organisations to pitch programmes for 2015 to a receptive business audience drawn from the Sport for Business community.  Today we start a short series, in partnership with Small Business Can where we bring […]

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How to Get Your Idea to the Store Shelves?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that’s over-crowded. Creating something that will bring you a ton of money isn’t impossible, but it’s getting harder to get there than it used to be. If you’re thinking about starting something on your own for a while now, you’ve probably started noticing unconsciously a couple of repetitive news you hear all around you, like “a brand new millionaire”, “head-spinning success” […]

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Cyber Security: Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With?

Who are you buying from? It’s pretty scary stuff. In 2013 it cost Irish consumers 25.7 million. The tools of the trade Phishing, scamming, identity theft, hacking, spyware, bogus invoices or just goods not being delivered. Where do you go for reassurance – for validation? Where in Ireland do you go to check out that the company you are dealing with is real? Dun and Bradstreet? Company Registration Office? Google? […]

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How to Successfully Offer Coupons on Your Website

Whether you’ve been in business for a while and have been offering print-based coupons for some time, are a new business just getting off the ground or are a hybrid of the two interested in learning more about how to offer coupons on your website, there are numerous options. Keep reading to learn more about how to successfully offer coupons on your company’s website. Why Offer Coupons Online? It’s been […]

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Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Small Business

When it comes to marketing your growing business you might have limited budget and so therefore must choose the simplest, cheapest method. In this post we look at some innovative marketing strategies and how you can implement them for your small business. From social media to sponsoring a small event to utilising mobile marketing through web based service providers, such as, there are numerous ways you can get your […]

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SEO: Why Traditional Marketing Helps

Advancements in technology have changed the face of marketing for businesses worldwide. Successful internet marketing can help your brand get recognized and increase revenues, but traditional marketing methods should not be overlooked. These time-tested marketing techniques are important to any business’ marketing operations. In fact, traditional marketing can enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing efficacy. An ideal marketing team will be well-versed in digital marketing tactics, traditional strategies, […]

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Belfast Business to Gain from Belfast Hour

Law firm Edwards & Co Solicitors has launched a new initiative to develop links and communication among entrepreneurs and small businesses in Belfast. Based on Twitter, the project is increasing rapidly in terms of popularity with over 1,000 followers and is causing a stir among SMEs in Belfast. With over 350 businesses taking part in this initiative every week, Belfast hour is a Twitter-based forum, on which businesses and individuals […]

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6 Effective Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Mobile marketing is more than just a simple trend. More consumers than ever before are using their mobile devices to access websites, to interact on social media, and to purchase products and services from digital-enabled businesses. How important is mobile marketing? With over 1 billion consumers using their mobile devices for actions that benefit your business, this makes it a type of marketing that you shouldn’t avoid. Doing so would […]

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8 Inbound Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Follow

The inbound marketing umbrella consist of several marketing tools such as blogging, podcasts, SEO, social media marketing, whitepapers and other forms of content based marketing. This is a total departure from the age old, outbound marketing methods like TV advertising, cold calling, telemarketing, and direct paper mail etc. Today, in the internet age, with the rising population of internet users, inbound marketing has become one of the most popular forms […]

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How to Market Yourself Effectively Online

Marketing yourself effectively online is not only essential when building a professional reputation for yourself individually, but it is also necessary when growing a business or brand from the ground up. Knowing how to market yourself effectively is not only a way to appeal to a larger audience, but it is also a way to increase credibility while generating leads for more potential sales and bringing on new clients, depending […]

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How to Become a Pinterest Warrior [Infographic]

Sometimes when you’re running a small business, you can’t afford to put a lot of time and effort into things like social media management. However, it’s still important to take advantage of these marketing opportunities, so most businesses devote at least a little time and energy to socializing with potential customers through various social networks. As we all know, time is money, so it makes sense to focus most of […]

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Is Your Small Business Using Social Media To Grow Its Presence?

Businesses, big and small, are joining the social media juggernaut to taste success. If your business is not present on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter, you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers. As per a latest research by LinkedIn, about 90% of small and medium sized businesses use or plan to use social media. More than half of SMBs have ramped up their spending […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are in the digital marketing industry for quite some time, you would probably be having an idea of why blogging is important and why this should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. If you are still one of those who are not convinced about why you need to get your hands dirty with blogging, then this post will offer you some of the important reasons to […]

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Why is Good SEO Important for eCommerce Websites

In this technically evolved world we live in, there have been many improvements that make our lives a whole lot easier and the rise of eCommerce is definitely one of the biggest time, energy and money savers that we are grateful for. Because there are fewer costs involved than with traditional stores and the market is incredibly large and diverse, it has become much easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to start […]

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