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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Can Help Small Businesses

The world of marketing is an ever-changing one, what with new ideas, strategies, innovative tools and techniques being churned out ever so often! With each passing year, we witness new marketing trends in all media. Being in a field that is intensely competitive and ruthless, it is always the top priority of entrepreneurs and marketers to come up with newer vistas and deliver results successfully time and again. The limitless […]

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Facebook Marketing – How to Get 3 Times More from Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

It’s not a secret – Facebook has matured and it’s now more difficult than ever before to attract your target followers (they are also called fans or likes) to your Facebook business page. Have you noticed this as well? If so, don’t get upset, you are not alone. “How do I attract more Facebook fans?” – our clients are asking us every day. While there are many strategies on growing […]

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How to Enter a Foreign Market

Entering a foreign market can be one of the most exciting stages in the development of your business. Selling your product to a foreign market will mean many fresh challenges as well the opportunity to significantly grow your business. Operating in a foreign country can also diversify your business so that you are no longer exposed to the risk of a single market. Researching Potential Markets Before you commit to […]

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The 10 Basics of Export Marketing for Small Business

Expanding your company by targeting overseas sales is a fantastic way of developing a business. However, export success certainly won’t happen overnight and there are many potential hazards out there that need to be overcome before success is achieved. Marketing your business, product or service is crucial to your success. Prior to launching anything internationally, you need to sit down and plan, plan and plan some more. So here are […]

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If You’re Not Talking to Your Customers, Who Is?

We talk about sales all the time, but how many businesses can really give solid figures on customer retention? I’ve worked with so many organisations who have no idea what their churn is, and rely on repeat business for about 80% of their turnover. It’s time to consider who you’re talking to – if you’re not talking to your customers, you can bet that someone else is… Apply the 80/20 […]

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Swimming With the Big Fish – Small Biz Marketing Tips for 2014

There are countless opportunities for marketing a business on the internet in 2014. Internet usage around the world continues to grow and expand, meaning that the opportunities to promote a business online are growing as well. This article is going to focus on marketing tips and actionable advice for small businesses to promote themselves online and to reach their target audience. This advice will apply to just about any business […]

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How to Plan Print and Digital Communications Effectively

It doesn’t matter what your company happens to do – whether it caters for B2B clients or B2C customers, whether it’s in the beauty or automotive industry, it’s vital that every single company out there plans and executes its communications effectively. Let’s face it, many business owners are unsure how to approach communications effectively – and that’s exactly where digital marketing agencies come in. A creative digital agency can help […]

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The Power of Branding

Ever since I read “Brandwashed” I look at marketeers with some suspicion. Ever since I read “The old rules of marketing are dead” I questioned their added value. “Branding is for for cows” questions the effect of branding. Brian Solis (my old time favourite writer on social media), would suggest that there is an end to business as usual. Particularly for marketeers. Our clients Our clients struggle with marketing too. […]

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Do it! Marketing

Our clients are struggling with marketing. It has become incredibly complex. The marketing mix, the communication mix, the channels available, measurement, the pressure on budgets, proofing the ROI, understanding social media and understanding technology are all hot topics. Marketing gets bad press And marketing sometimes gets a bad press. Not accountable, manipulative (read “Brandwashed”), not understanding social media, old rules don’t apply, marketing is dead and what’s the point of […]

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5 Reasons Every Small Business Should be on Facebook

By now, most small businesses are on at least one social media site, but for any who still need convincing about Facebook, check out these numbers. While people are usually on Facebook to connect with their friends and family, they also connect with businesses. On average, each person on Facebook likes 40 pages. That represents a huge opportunity for small businesses who are active on Facebook and use it to […]

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The 3 Most Important Factors of Marketing Success

Your marketing plan can either make or break your business. However, among all dynamic forces that can build an effective marketing plan, there are three factors that determine marketing success: trust, targeted audience and budget. Trust Many businesses believe that marketing should be an occasional effort. This is a big mistake. One way to gain the good will of customers is to give them custom laptop bags that are imprinted […]

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Exciting eCommerce Achievements for Irish Retailers

Following the final few days of the first Clicktailing programme in Dublin’s National Digital Research Centre – a group of weary but excited retailers headed home with hopeful hearts. Their eight days together had been packed with the guidance & insights they’ll need to succeed as online retailers. Every aspect of eCommerce was covered   - from design & development, through to legal considerations, advice on logistics and fulfillment & culminated […]

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How to make your Email Marketing Efforts more profitable

Social media marketing and mobile marketing seems to have taken over the digital marketing world; this concept, time and again, has proven to be a myth. Email marketing, up to today’s date, still manages to be one of the most important ways to get your product or service into the consumer black box. One of the major reasons that doesn’t let email marketing go extinct, is that email marketing adds […]

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8 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

If you want to start your own business and sell your own product, you always have to ask yourself about making that product as popular as possible. Here’s 8 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses… 1. Find understanding for your clients One of the most important things in marketing is to understand and get to know your clients better. Social networks can help you with that, things like Facebook or Google+, […]

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Sales and Marketing Plan

Over the years I have come across so many businesses, small and medium size, where there is no sales and marketing plan at all… really – none at all. From the outside they appear successful. Other customers and business people that know them think; ” They have it sorted”, “How do they do that”. This surprised me too! Then I get a phone call to come and talk to them as they […]

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