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Is Your Small Business Using Social Media To Grow Its Presence?

Businesses, big and small, are joining the social media juggernaut to taste success. If your business is not present on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter, you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers. As per a latest research by LinkedIn, about 90% of small and medium sized businesses use or plan to use social media. More than half of SMBs have ramped up their spending […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are in the digital marketing industry for quite some time, you would probably be having an idea of why blogging is important and why this should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. If you are still one of those who are not convinced about why you need to get your hands dirty with blogging, then this post will offer you some of the important reasons to […]

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Why is Good SEO Important for eCommerce Websites

In this technically evolved world we live in, there have been many improvements that make our lives a whole lot easier and the rise of eCommerce is definitely one of the biggest time, energy and money savers that we are grateful for. Because there are fewer costs involved than with traditional stores and the market is incredibly large and diverse, it has become much easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to start […]

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Market Smarter by Using Innovative Applied Business Psychology Tactics

Understanding the basic psychological functions of your consumers will make your marketing initiatives far more successful. By practicing these innovative applied business psychology tactics, you will be able to persuade your target audience in any number of ways. Market Smarter with Freebies One of the least expensive and easiest ways to engage your audience and to increase support of the company is to provide something for nothing. People feel a […]

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Marketing Planning: 3 Steps to Improve Your Marketing ROI

As a start-up business, ensuring that you maximise your marketing spend and avoid wasting precious resources is essential. Too few small businesses have marketing plans in place and if they do they tend to be created then forgotten as day to day business activities become prioritised. The businesses that we see succeed at our small business consultancy tend to start with a marketing plan and then constantly review the progress […]

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Five Quick Tips for Running a Facebook Promotion

It used to be a real hassle to run a promotion or promote a contest on Facebook. In fact, they were much less than cordial if they caught us trying to do so on what was then called our Walls. They always caught us. The last year and a half has seen massive changes in marketing that include heavy doses of Social Media stratagem. This has forced Facebook to rethink […]

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Small Business Guide to VAT and Payment Problems

As we all have to pay VAT on services and goods, businesses do too. It’s a part of business tax we have to pay to HMRC – if we don’t, we will receive penalties and fines. It’s the business owner’s responsibility to pay VAT payments when they fall due, however sometimes this tax can be left until last if suppliers, contractors, employees etc, haven’t been paid.  If the business is struggling […]

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Marketing, Animals, Colours and Break-Even: A Free Guide

MBA in a day I was at an MBA in a day event a few weeks ago. A full update of the thinking by all the guru’s, against 4 key topics: 1. leadership 2. organisation 3. strategy 4. execution. Kotler was mentioned. The father of the 4Ps (for those designing a pub quiz; Kotler did not invent the 4Ps, E. Jerome McCarthy did). Free guide We wrote a guide about marketing, […]

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Build Your Following: How to Engage Customers on Your Business’s Facebook Page

There is no denying the importance of using social media in general—and Facebook in particular—to help your business grow. In ways that were never before imagined, Facebook allows businesses to reach out to customers nearly instantaneously, in order to get reactions, build their brand and so much more. However, this doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it takes a bit of effort to build that following and get a solid customer base […]

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Making an Impact with Video

•    Globally, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. (Cisco) Online video is well and truly mainstream. The internet is full of it, browsers love it and brands are expected to have it. Therefore, video is now an essential component to most marketing strategies. And it is not difficult to qualify a budget for creating video when the stats are so staggeringly in its […]

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How to Build a Community Around Your Brand

Have you ever wondered why some brands seem able to enjoy perpetual growth while others have trouble even gaining momentum at all? Sometimes there’s no easy answer to this question, but in many cases, successful brands get to where they are with the help of loyal supporters. Keep reading to learn how to kick start and continually grow a community spirit for your brand. Doing so might mean you can […]

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Tips On How To Move Your Business To The Online World

There are so many different situations in which business managers try to do all that they can in order to move their business online but that rarely ever happens. The truth is that it is quite difficult to do so because you most likely do not actually know what steps have to be taken. You might have also heard about various businesses that made the change and that were not […]

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Grow Pagerank With Google+

Google+ is becoming an ever more popular social network these days, but are you utilizing it in the right way for your website? If you don’t already have a Google+ account, now is the time to create one. If you already have one, make sure you’re following these five tips to maximize your site’s page rank in the search engines. The end result for your site? More visitors, more page […]

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20 Ways to Improve your Marketing

Marketing is crucial in any type of business as it can bring in new customers and clients as well as keep the old ones! Here are 20 ways to improve your marketing. Whether you have a marketing team in house or it’s just you, freshening up on marketing ideas is always a great way to keep the business on track. There are small things you can do day-to-day or even […]

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The Irishbizparty Conference – Giving SMEs a voice on April 30th

#irishbizparty Conference – Inspiring SMEs Posted on March 23, 2014 by Samantha Have you ever wanted to go to conferences but just couldn’t afford the ticket, petrol and childcare to go? Well I have come across this lots of times. But yet it is folk like me (Entreprneeurs and Small business owners) who need to be at these conferences to learn, network and share their experiences with each other. So…..I’ve decided to organize […]

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