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Shared experiences are the new search

Anthropology and social media My daughter Alice passed her Leaving Cert this year and she asked me for some career advice. I advised her to study anthropology and social media. Of course she ignored that and she is now studying international relations and politics. The moment of clarity The reason […]

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content mastery summit

How to Generate Sales From Content Marketing

We all need to create content but are you strategic about it? Is your content marketing generating you sales for your business? Content marketing is strategic marketing where you attract and impress your target persona with valuable and useful content which leads to more awareness, interest and profitable action. Let’s […]

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Digital Advertising: Hype vs. Reality

If you’re in the business of traditional advertising, you’ve more than likely heard all the noise being made about the onset of online digital advertising. It seems almost impossible to search advertising trends online and not be hit with a barrage of articles saying things like, “2015 Shows Biggest Digital […]

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Help entrepreneurs to grow, mentors wanted

Helping 80 entrepreneurs to grow The World’s largest free business accelerator, Entrepreneurial Spark, is opening its doors to exciting and dynamic businesses in Belfast this February (and we can’t wait!). Powered by Ulster Bank, we are offering free office space, a 6-18 month programme of hands-on enablement, a start up boot […]

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7 Tips to Higher Level Customer Satisfaction

Achieving high customer satisfaction is crucial for business enterprises to achieve their repeat purchase and increase customer retention. While there are no rigid rules or strategies to keep customers satisfied, following certain best practices definitely help to achieve higher customer satisfaction in any kind of industry. Few of such tips […]

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Climate Launchpad Launched

Climate Launchpad, which is part of Climate-KIC Europe’s largest clean/sustech accelerator, is launching again. Climate Launchpad Sustainable Nation is running Climate Launchpad, the ideas competition of Climate-KIC again this year. Last year one of the finalists Orbas (internet of food, got to the last 20 out of 80 finalist and 700 submissions. […]

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A Guide to Creating Infographics for SMEs

Infographics are very popular these days.  Hubspot reports that the number of searches on Google for infographics has increased by more than 800 percent, and the rate at which they are being produced increases one percent each day. Company love utilizing infographics as part of their content marketing strategies due […]

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Combining Social Media and SEO

When it comes to getting your brand the attention and needs it deserves, combining social media and  SEO (search engine optimization) is definitely the way to go. SEO is being used and analyzed more and more by businesses who ultimately want to draw traffic back to their websites. While you […]

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Worst Social Media Mistakes

With the world we live in today becoming so reliant on online outlets, businesses need to make the most of their presence on social media. However, always remember to be careful not to misrepresent your image while using those social platforms. Read on for some tips to avoid making the […]

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