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The profiles of the Ulster finalist of the business achievers

Find below the profiles of the the business achievers Ulster finals. They now go for the big prizes at the final on 4 December. Which one is your favourite? Tweet us @smallBC, #businessachievers Business Start Up: Arklu (Donegal) Arklu is a children’s entertainment company, specialising in dolls. Having launched their doll brand Lottie in August 2012 they are now selling in 30 countries via a network of 16 distribution partners. The character […]

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Start-up Story: Mahon Digital Marketing

In the space of under 5 years Mahon Digital has moved from being a home business to having two international offices, 6 permanent staff and a growing client base including start-ups and large corporations. In Finland the business is now competing with some of the largest digital agencies with a view to become a key player in the market within a few years. Thanks to its multicultural staff, Mahon Digital […]

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5 Investments Start-ups can Afford to Make

Start-ups often rise and fall on the quality and also the happiness of their staff. Happy workers tend to be productive workers and so keeping your employees in top form benefits your business in the long run. Now, we’re well aware that you don’t have a lot of money at the start of the business, however that doesn’t mean that you need to scrimp on the things that provide benefits. […]

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How to Make Sharable Content for Small B2B Businesses

The way that people share content has changed. It’s no longer about word of mouth cooler talk and asking friends if they saw the news last night. Instead, people can now quickly and easily share content with millions of people at the click of a button. For businesses that are using the internet, they want to do their best to create shareable content that will easily pass from one person […]

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Start-up Story: VideoAgora

Ah, ‘The Rich List'; the annual supplement which, eighteen years ago, had a young lad of just sixteen trawling through the who’s who of ‘old’ and ‘new’ money in Ireland and Britain. Sitting in the ‘reading seat’ pulled close to the sitting room window, circles would be drawn around the barons of Industry, with the showbiz ‘rich and famous’ entertainers ignored. Fifth year in Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, South County […]

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Start-up Story: Marry Me Ireland

After fifteen years of being together, and a beautiful daughter, I had no intention of getting married. Marriage was to me an institution, archaic, outdated and not relevant to me. So when I was proposed to, on bended knee, in front of all our friends at a Christmas party – I felt myself nodding, but inside felt torn. Weddings represented the frou-frou, the formulaic, and I was anything but. So […]

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Startup Story: Stylefish

Why you should invest in Julie Cobbe and her Dragons’ Den-approved firm Stylefish? From trainee solicitor to Dragons’ Den victor, Julie Cobbe has been able to combine her two loves – fashion and teaching – into one formidable business idea: Stylefish. With a little help from Dragon and publishing maven Norah Casey, Julie’s fashion school, set up in 2009 has evolved into a credible brand and she has worked with […]

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How to Get Your Idea to the Store Shelves?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that’s over-crowded. Creating something that will bring you a ton of money isn’t impossible, but it’s getting harder to get there than it used to be. If you’re thinking about starting something on your own for a while now, you’ve probably started noticing unconsciously a couple of repetitive news you hear all around you, like “a brand new millionaire”, “head-spinning success” […]

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Startup Story: Local Gift Cards

‘What do you want?’ It was the question I would get constantly from my thoughtful sisters in New York and London around Christmas and birthdays. ‘Anything’, I would reply, but most of the time I would be thinking I’d really love those boots I saw in Fuchsia Footwear or a nice meal in one of the many fine restaurants here in Clonakilty, knowing well that it wasn’t possible for them […]

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Start-up Story: Mobile Storage Services

Our business can be described as an end to end solution to self storage and removals. At Mobile Storage Services we bring the solution to you thus offering convenience and dramatically reduced handling of your belongings putting the customer back in control. In today’s busy world we bring bespoke storage trailers to your home or business which you can load in your own time and we look after everything else. […]

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Start-up Story: QRVO

QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, is a simple, innovative and effective Information Channel. Customers simple scan a QRVO code, using Smart Phone or Mobile device. There is no URL, no password and no delay. The content is provided nearly immediately. The content is introduced by a short voice introduction that enables a wide choice of information. The content can be a web link, a special offer, token directions, product, service […]

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Start-up Story: Afro-Eire

Afro-Eire is a new company passionate about African Music and Culture, and we aim to share that passion with schools, businesses and festivals through our high energy interactive workshops and Team-building services. My name is Paul McElhatton, I am the founder and director of Afro-Eire. I first travelled to The Gambia in West Africa overland through the Sahara desert in January 2002, since then I have returned regularly to study […]

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6 Ways to Improve Comfort at Workplace

Could comfortable surroundings help you improve your productivity? Of course! When found in a pleasant surrounding with just enough comfort and positive people around you, you can actually do miracles. This is why it is so important to make your workplace the best place for doing business. There are so many things that can influence the way you are handling all your tasks and responsibilities at work. Your attitude The […]

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Big data analysis illustration

How Big Data Can Improve Small Business Productivity

Big data has changed the way international business and online retail giants such as Amazon and eBay sell, track data and essentially approach their business. From improving marketing, to managing inventory – these giants utilise large amounts of data to make incredibly informed business decisions that save time, money and ultimately cut bottom lines. What is Big Data? We see and hear the term again and again and as a […]

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Start-up Story: The Web Design Group

I always wanted to become my own boss after working for my father in my teenage years. I admired how hard he worked and how he was in control over his own destiny. My father ran a kitchen design and installation business before the likes of B&Q, Homebase & Wicks made his industry difficult. I was just 24 when I started my first company, I had graduated from University where […]

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Start-up Story: ArtNouv

Artnouv converts your memories into handmade commissioned oil on canvas paintings. We do this at reasonable prices, therefore making art more accessible to all. We also support upcoming artists with providing them with a free online gallery for their work. Art is like wine, in our opinion. One doesn’t always know what is a good investment or not but one always knows what they like or don’t like. So if […]

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Start-up Story: Herdwatch

Farmers are using mobile technology, really? I can already hear the rumbles of urban myth purveyors, in disbelief at the notion that a farmer would have or even know how to use a smartphone or a computer. Well, we can now safely bust this myth, as proven by the success of Herdwatch in just 6 months, and our direct experience with Farmers all over the country, and abroad! So, what […]

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Start-up Story: Inspire Promotional Products

Inspire Promotional Products help companies and individuals, by providing personalised promotional products, branded with their logo or message that can help enhance their own brand in the market place. Branded products can be anything from; Keyrings, pens, Jotters, Diaries, Calendars, t-shirts, fleeces, jackets, bags, memory sticks and lots lots more. Essentially anything that can be branded, we can brand! The problem can be that some companies are trying to find […]

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Start-up Story: PetStay East Lancs & Bury

After having been made redundant from my job managing a health and social care watchdog earlier this year, I found myself in a quandary. Things at work had been horrible for some time before the axe finally descended, and I wanted to do something very different for a living. But what would I do? Whilst I was excited at the thought of change, being a ‘woman of a certain age’ […]

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Small Business Tips: Get Paid On Time!

I have worked in various businesses over the years, and one of the main areas of concerns for the managing directors was cash flow. “Lets Get Paid On Time” is what one ex-boss shouted at us.  Some business owners manage cash flow beautifully, and some plod along and seem to get through. If you proactively work on getting your cash flow system working for you, it can reap rewards. Here are […]

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