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Change is coming, so what?

  Knee deep in future trends At the moment I am knee deep in future trend books. Just finished reading “Augmented” by Brett King, “The Third Wave” by Steve Case, “The inevitable” by Kevin Kelly and “The fourth industrial revolution” by Klaus Schwab. Change is coming All are saying the […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Motivate Millennials at Work

Lazy? Not engaged? Don’t care attitude? Jump from job to job? Millennials have been described in those terms and far worse. It’s true that millennials view work differently. They’ve grown up with technology. Compared to earlier generations, they’re better educated. Millennials learned to multitask, practically from birth. Settling on something […]

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7 Challenges Facing Healthcare Startups in 2016

Thanks to the constantly rising use of mobile technology along with advances being made in medical science, the business of health care has never looked as attractive to entrepreneurs looking to break into the healthcare industry. The World Health Organization says that by 2035 there will be a global shortage […]

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Why Our Start-up Left Amsterdam for Dublin

Recently relocated from Amsterdam, social start-up FRANK ABOUT TEA has chosen Dublin as launchpad for their monthly subscription service for high-quality loose tea. With Ireland boosting the highest tea consumption per capita, this seems like a logical move, but that isn’t why they’ve decided to join the ranks of online-based […]

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6 Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

Businesses don’t market themselves. There has to be a proactive effort from the part of the owner. Indeed, it takes a go-getter mentality to really push your business to the forefront. It also takes grit and a willingness to go above and beyond. Above all, it takes strategy; here’s six […]

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