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Start-up Story: QRVO

QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, is a simple, innovative and effective Information Channel. Customers simple scan a QRVO code, using Smart Phone or Mobile device. There is no URL, no password and no delay. The content is provided nearly immediately. The content is introduced by a short voice introduction that enables a wide choice of information. The content can be a web link, a special offer, token directions, product, service […]

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Start-up Story: Afro-Eire

Afro-Eire is a new company passionate about African Music and Culture, and we aim to share that passion with schools, businesses and festivals through our high energy interactive workshops and Team-building services. My name is Paul McElhatton, I am the founder and director of Afro-Eire. I first travelled to The Gambia in West Africa overland through the Sahara desert in January 2002, since then I have returned regularly to study […]

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6 Ways to Improve Comfort at Workplace

Could comfortable surroundings help you improve your productivity? Of course! When found in a pleasant surrounding with just enough comfort and positive people around you, you can actually do miracles. This is why it is so important to make your workplace the best place for doing business. There are so many things that can influence the way you are handling all your tasks and responsibilities at work. Your attitude The […]

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Big data analysis illustration

How Big Data Can Improve Small Business Productivity

Big data has changed the way international business and online retail giants such as Amazon and eBay sell, track data and essentially approach their business. From improving marketing, to managing inventory – these giants utilise large amounts of data to make incredibly informed business decisions that save time, money and ultimately cut bottom lines. What is Big Data? We see and hear the term again and again and as a […]

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Start-up Story: The Web Design Group

I always wanted to become my own boss after working for my father in my teenage years. I admired how hard he worked and how he was in control over his own destiny. My father ran a kitchen design and installation business before the likes of B&Q, Homebase & Wicks made his industry difficult. I was just 24 when I started my first company, I had graduated from University where […]

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Start-up Story: ArtNouv

Artnouv converts your memories into handmade commissioned oil on canvas paintings. We do this at reasonable prices, therefore making art more accessible to all. We also support upcoming artists with providing them with a free online gallery for their work. Art is like wine, in our opinion. One doesn’t always know what is a good investment or not but one always knows what they like or don’t like. So if […]

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Start-up Story: Herdwatch

Farmers are using mobile technology, really? I can already hear the rumbles of urban myth purveyors, in disbelief at the notion that a farmer would have or even know how to use a smartphone or a computer. Well, we can now safely bust this myth, as proven by the success of Herdwatch in just 6 months, and our direct experience with Farmers all over the country, and abroad! So, what […]

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Start-up Story: Inspire Promotional Products

Inspire Promotional Products help companies and individuals, by providing personalised promotional products, branded with their logo or message that can help enhance their own brand in the market place. Branded products can be anything from; Keyrings, pens, Jotters, Diaries, Calendars, t-shirts, fleeces, jackets, bags, memory sticks and lots lots more. Essentially anything that can be branded, we can brand! The problem can be that some companies are trying to find […]

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Start-up Story: PetStay East Lancs & Bury

After having been made redundant from my job managing a health and social care watchdog earlier this year, I found myself in a quandary. Things at work had been horrible for some time before the axe finally descended, and I wanted to do something very different for a living. But what would I do? Whilst I was excited at the thought of change, being a ‘woman of a certain age’ […]

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Small Business Tips: Get Paid On Time!

I have worked in various businesses over the years, and one of the main areas of concerns for the managing directors was cash flow. “Lets Get Paid On Time” is what one ex-boss shouted at us.  Some business owners manage cash flow beautifully, and some plod along and seem to get through. If you proactively work on getting your cash flow system working for you, it can reap rewards. Here are […]

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Start-up Story: eFolio Accounts is a Cloud Bookkeeping facility that helps business start ups get paid on time and manage cash flow. It is also a invoicing facility, and a collaborative accounting facility. It is built as a double entry automated accounting platform. The key component with eFolio Accounts is that it has been built to keep it simple for the user. It is a SaaS (Software as a service) so the only […]

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Start-up Story: Why Weight Ireland

Why Weight Ireland is a unique and award winning online weight loss & fitness business. Each member receives access to Ireland’s only online food & exercise diary which is personalised to each individual, access to full online video workouts, personal and tailored fitness plans and full email support 7-days a week. Using a food diary has been the most recommended way to lose weight and is recommended by governments, nutritionists, […]

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Start-up Story: Flynn Admin

Flynn Admin is a Virtual PA Outsourcing Administration Services. We are a small business supporting other small businesses. We work closely with clients offering them a flexible service they know and trust. Why did we start it I have seen first-hand over a number of years how small businesses struggle financially. They often spend time on small tasks using up valuable time they should be spending on core competencies. But […]

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Start-up Story: Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare provides a great service for dog owners, when at work, holidays and also when they need training advice. It is unique service in my area with the full backing of the local vets. Why did I start I had been unemployed since May 2010. I turned to The Prince’s Trust with an idea of setting up a dog walking and training service for the Ballymena area of Northern Ireland, […]

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Start-up Story: Disruptive Advertising

In September of 2013 Jake Baadsgaard hired Johnathn Dane to work on an account for the newly formed PPC Agency, Disruptive Advertising. After a short period of time they had the chance to meet at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Francisco. Both managing small agencies realize they shared the same passions and vision to grow a killer agency. As they say, that’s when the bromance began and a […]

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Start-up Story: Ecigarette Direct

Wasting time at work: How do we do it? It’s inevitable that we have at least a few minutes at work where there isn’t a great deal to get done immediately. Sometimes, the temptation is to spend that time doing something you think might help to speed the day up, whether it involves doing a little cleaning of your desk or desktop, spending more time on menial or repetitive tasks […]

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Tips and Pitfalls Aplenty for Anyone Looking to Start an Overseas Business

You want pitfalls? You got ‘em, by the bucketful. Five, six, seven and more tips to help successfully launch a business overseas? You’ve got them too. Whether looking to finance a start-up in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, or chin-wagging in China to build up a network of suppliers, the Internet can be a gung-ho entrepreneur’s best friend or a nightmare for the undecided slowly drowning in a quagmire of […]

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Tips for a More Sustainable and Happier Office Environment

The initiative to reduce office waste can not only be more profitable for a business but can also help to make a happier working environment for your employees. Investing in eco-friendly furnishings can make for a fun, vibrant working space that is both sustainable and profitable. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to becoming a greener and happier office: Room temperature One of the most […]

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Business Support; LEOs

It would be remiss of us not to mention the largest business support organisation in Ireland; the LEOs. Local Enterprise Offices. They used to be called Enterprise Boards. Local Enterprise Office provides advice, information and support to you in starting up or growing your business. With 31 dedicated teams across the Local Authority network in Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices offer you a wide range of experience,skills and services. The Local Enterprise […]

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Start-up Story: Dunmurry Dental Practice

Leading dental surgery, Dunmurry Dental Practice this week has marked 10 years of delivering award-winning service to some 12,000 patients annually. The practice, founded by local dentist Philip McLorinan and his wife Debbie, provides general, cosmetic and family dentistry across Dunmurry, Belfast and Lisburn. Growing from strength to strength they now employ 24 staff across the six surgery practice. Since 2004, the practice has been recognised for delivering the latest […]

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