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Want to pitch to 200,000 people?

‘This Week in Startups‘ (TWiST) with Jason Calacanis is an influential podcast that is downloaded over 200,000 times a week and reaches many of the most prominent investors and entrepreneurs in the world.Thousandseeds are looking for 10 startups with the following qualifications to participate in the event: Pre-round A financing (angel round financing […]

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Our Elevator Pitch, what do you think?

Communication is absolutely vital to the success of a small business. As a start-up we are learning everyday about our marketing communications. Our messaging is constantly evolving also but it has never strayed too far from the core value proposition i.e. we save companies time, money and hassle. Cornerstone of all […]

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8 social entrepreneurs making Ireland a better place

SEI has been working with the eight finalists in the 2012 Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awards on their plans. They all have chance to secure  a major share in the €775,000 prize fund with the ultimate winners announced at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’s annual awards ceremony in October. Three of the finalists will […]

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Working from Home

Many entrepreneurs who wish to start their own practice often begin working from home until they find their feet and can afford the office space. There are many advantages to working from home. You can control your own schedule to suit your personal life, which is especially convenient for those […]

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Starting a business on eBay – What you need to know

eBay is one of, if not the biggest online retail event of our time. With business opportunities excelling far beyond getting rid of old jumpers and kids toys, the simplicity of this online auction shopping extravaganza has persuaded millions of people, internet savvy or otherwise, to sell their unwanted items […]

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All you need is Lean, 1400 Euro and your mother

John, who had hired an accountant to do his accounts, found out that the accountant had failed to file his return. This ended up costing him a lot of money, since it is the company owner’s responsible for the accounts, not the accountant. As John’s a software developer, he’s pretty […]

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Which Start up would you vote for?

Whom would you vote for? The criteria are: Ability to spot a gap in the market / entrepreneurial spirit Unique / innovative / degree of originality of the product / service Reality of the business over the next 3-5 years –foresight / ability to adjust to changes Leadership and vision […]

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Dear Ron, It was with a heavy heart that I read your recent article entitled ‘Business Planning is Pointless’. I thought for a moment that the title was a form of ‘link bait’ enticing the reader in with a provocative headline before arguing the very opposite. Alas, no. The content […]

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Fluffy bunnies or swimming with sharks

Wikipedia Mentoring has been on my mind. Decide to look up what mentoring actually means. According to Wikipedia; Mentorship refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Apparently it stems from ancient Greek and was […]

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Boozeberries about “The Pitch”

Boozeberry talking about The Pitch. Another member of Smallbusinesscan helped Barbara to pitch for the final (Andrew Keogh of Aristo) This is from Barbara: 5 things I learned from Andrew. Plan the key points you want to make Think about what you want to say but don’t script. This allows […]

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Start up tips

Here are some tips of top entrepreneurs who were speaking at the event. To summaris the tips: Bill Liao: Get your story crisp Absolutely deliver on what you say Get customers Martin Kelly Find your customer Find your co-founder DO IT Danny Moore Always be closing Stay close to your […]

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Do you want to be the next Boozeberries?

In a market where career opportunities are harder to come by, recent figures from Companies House demonstrate that the number of start-ups in Northern Ireland actually increased by a quarter in 2011. To celebrate these start-ups, in association with digital service provider Yell, is encouraging entrepreneurs to enter Britain’s […]

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Business planning is pointless

I regard myself as a bit of an expert on business planning. I even wrote a few books about it. Imaginative titles such as “Planning for success”, “TENbizplan”, “Business planning for the social economy” and the best-seller “Start your own business, a workbook”. (more…)

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Pitching to Investors

If marketing is the art of understanding customer needs and then creating solutions to meet those needs at a profit; then nowhere is marketing more important for an entrepreneur than at seeking funding from investors at start up and subsequent rounds. (more…)

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