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4 Cash Flow Mistakes that Could Kill Your Business

Math was probably your least exciting subject in school. It isn’t surprising that financial management isn’t your favorite part of running a business. However, it is an absolutely essential part of being an entrepreneur. If you aren’t paying attention to your cash flow, your company will fail. Approximately 70% of […]

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Office Design for Optimum Productivity

In this post we take a look at office design and how it can influence productivity. We look at a few core principles in interior design including colour, ergonomics, clutter and light. It’s all about the Colour Some studies have shown that the colour of an office can have a […]

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Guide to Buying a Small Business

Embarking on a small business venture takes courage, lots of energy, and a willingness to take risks. This guide to buying a small business, instead of starting a new business from scratch, will showcase several advantages that buying an established small business venture offers. The current owner has already done […]

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How to Spice Up Monthly Company Meetings

Employers often look for ways to spice up company meetings. Making these regular business sessions more interesting and engaging for participants can inspire creative new ideas. The level of enthusiasm an office demonstrates also contributes to morale. Below are seven ways to generate more productive meetings every month. Begin with […]

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Downloadable Excel Financial Spreadsheets

Here’s 8 pretty fundamental financial spreadsheets that every small business needs to have. All are in excel. All are templates and all are downloadable. Profit and loss This spreadsheet will help you to prepare a projected profit and loss account as part of your Operating Budget, in a format suitable […]

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