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Checklist For Valuation For Your Company

This is a tick list of things you need to consider when looking at the valuation of your company:

  • Synergy with buyer
  • Financial ratios
  • Earning streams
  • Net cash flow
  • Quality and basis of the forecasts
  • Risks
  • Customer lists
  • Intellectual property
  • Patents
  • License and distributorship agreements
  • Regulatory approvals, leasehold interests
  • Employment contracts
  • Press coverage
  • Internal controls
  • Internal reporting structure
  • Ability to obtain any financing or reasonably priced financing.
  • Product, industry, and geographic diversification possibilities
  • Ability to expand into new markets.
  • Management expertise.
  • Sensitivity to macro- and microeconomic movements.
  • Dividend history.
  • Sensitivity to business risks, supply squeezes, and demand lulls.
  • Ability to control or influence regulatory and union activity
  • Economies of scale or cost disadvantages.
  • Access to distribution channels.
  • Relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Product differentiation or brand name recognition.
  • Deep pockets necessary for staying power.


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