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CPA Ireland launches the Business Tracker App

CPA Ireland has launched a new finance app for business owners, enabling them to track the performance of their company through a series of financial ratios.

The CPA Ireland Business Tracker App, developed in association with CPA Ireland Skillnet, calculates financial ratios to give the user a clear overview of the position of their business in relation to profitability, liquidity, asset utilisation, gearing and market value.

Financial ratios are one of the simplest resources a business owner can use to look at a company’s performance. The Business Tracker App allows a business owner and their advisers to look at the performance of the company across a number of time periods, as well as benchmarking performance against other firms in the sector.

Ratio analysis positions a business with regard to profitability, liquidity, asset utilisation, gearing and market value. It facilitates better decision making and validates the effectiveness of management interventions.

It is free of charge and compatible with all operating systems. Find out more about the CPA Ireland Business Tracker App.

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