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Credit Control is part of customer service

Customer Service is important – no question. But where does it end? For the production people, it may be when the product is in the warehouse. The sales people may believe its when the order is received. For the logistics people its when the product or service is delivered. For the finance people though its when the cash is collected – the end of the cycle.

Many organisations see cash collection and credit control as a separate function isolated from the core activities of a business but really it should be viewed as an integral part of the customer service cycle.

Consider invoicing from the perspective of the customer though.

Devil in the details

Getting the details on an invoice right first time means a quicker process time by the customer. Providing your customer’s product codes on an invoice means a quicker process time by the customer. (Many accounting systems can facilitate this with a small amount of configuration)

A reminder of the payment terms on the invoice prioritises your invoice in the eyes of your customer. Providing your bank details on the invoice helps your customer to process the payment. Helping your customer to process your invoices is an important part of customer service – it also helps to eliminate the excuses as to why an invoice cannot be paid!

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