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Culture as a weapon?

Culture is the last battle ground for business. Everything else can and will be commoditised due to technology, the web and the speed in which things can be copied.

This is a particular opportunity for small businesses. It very difficult to develop and change culture in a big organisation. Imagine a passionate, lean, mean fighting machine with some core values that resonates with your target markets. What do you need to do?

  • Develop guiding principles for your business
  • Define a passion statement (what is your business passionate about?)
  • Define a value statement (what values does your business stand for?)
  • Look after your staff (happy staff will result in happy customers)

Click here to see a range of books that cover the subject. “Marketing 3.0” is the must read. So is “Delivering hapiness” and “The thank you economy” and “Talent masters” and ……… Heck, they are all must reads!


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