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Dealing with the press

Here’s a fantastic guide to dealing with the media. Its a Publicity Guide for community and NGO activists published by the European Anti Poverty Network (Ireland) – people who do great work with little funding. However this guide can also be applied to small businesses.

It’s very useful for people and organisations with little or no experience in publicity work, to give a basic grounding in how the media works, and how to best interact with it.

The guide mediaguide is broken up into the following sections:

Creating a Media Strategy

The questions you need to ask. Who are you trying to reach with your message, and how will you reach them?

Creating a Media List

How to build a database of your local and national media. Getting their contact details.

Building a Relationship with the media

How should you interact with the media. Dealing with them on a one to one basis.

Preparing for Interviews

Interviews for radio and television. The Do’s and Don’ts. How to make sure you speak about what you want to speak about.

Writing a Press Release

How to write and issue a press release. The basic rules for news writing and the importance of pictures

Writing Letters

Writing letters to the editor. Keeping it short and snappy.

Sample Press Releases

Some sample press releases demonstrating how they should be written

Major Print and Radio Outlets

Circulation and listenership figures for the major media outlets in Ireland.


Phone numbers and email addresses for the main news and current affairs shows on RTE, Today FM and Newstalk.

We have also started to create a media contacts file – this one is for news desks and business desks – for anyone who has a press release that they want circulated.

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One Response to Dealing with the press

  1. Olivia Collins May 23, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Hey! you’ll have all of us PR’s out of a job. Only joking a great article. The most important part of any PR initiative, is the step that precedes the above steps, that is to make sure you have thought about the what the key messages you want communicated about your business actually are – how you want to be perceived, what’s important to you and what your brand values are. Sorry if that seems to be a no brainer but so often clients have not thought about these fundamentals or, business partners might have differing views or management at the face front aren’t aware of values or as often is the case the business has ‘forgotten’ what these used to be, or finally, sometimes through the years values change .
    Whatever the reason, once these are agreed and committed to paper shared amongst team members then go ahead and use tools like this guide to help develop activities to get those messages out there, remembering to be as concise as possible and for the love of God use ‘plain english’ (grammar and spell check goes without saying obvs).

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