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A Decade of Drive: Employee Engagement Tips From Vasco de Castro

How do employers keep their staff engaged and motivated for 11 years? Fruitful Office’s Vasco de Castro shares his approach to employee engagement.

It’s not easy to stay motivated. We live in a world of constant distractions: life stuff, click bait, bad news and good news; this makes staying focused, and on-the-ball and goal-oriented no easy feat. And if we struggle to motivate ourselves, how can we hope to consistently motivate those who work for us?

Employee engagement is a hot topic for employers

Over the pond in the US, 51% of the workforce claim they feel disengaged from their roles, and engagement figures are in decline. Yet now is a crucial time to band together and benefit from effective teamwork. Amidst global uncertainty stemming from events like Brexit, building a strong team which feels engaged in your business is a priority.

There’s also the UK’s booming employment statistics to contend with. As employment rises, employers face more and more competition for the top talent in their industries. Working hard to engage and motivate staff for better employee engagement reduces turnover and helps companies to retain talent, benefiting businesses all round.

What can be done in an uncertain and competitive climate?

What can employers do to motivate their most important assets – their employees? To help glean some answers, we’ve cherry-picked some nuggets of wisdom from Fruitful Office business development director, Vasco de Castro.

De Castro has helped the office fruit delivery company go from strength to strength over the past eleven years, expanding from its localised UK roots to grow a network which delivers to offices across Ireland, Holland, Germany and Belgium too.

According to de Castro, when it comes to nurturing a successful business you have to surround yourself with a great team that you trust and feel comfortable delegating to. The team must share a common goal and be passionate about achieving it – so that they personally ‘care’ for the success of the business, as if it were their own. This feeling of ‘ownership’ must be present right throughout the business – from packers to senior management.”.

But achieving this, as any manager will know, is no easy task. Fortunately, de Castro has some practical tips to offer too…

  1. Surround yourself with the right people.”

This might sound simple, but it’s tough to really get to grips with who you’re taking on during an interview process. Ensuring “they share your passion and vision” is crucial to de Castro, who advocates investing time and resources in your hiring processes to help you build a dream team!

  1. “Empower your team.”

The more responsibility and power you give your staff, the more invested and respected they’re likely to feel . “Give your team the tools to be heard and really ‘make a difference’. Not only will your team be motivated but your business will flourish.”, de Castro explains.

  1. Invest in staff happiness

Employee happiness is two-pronged; focussing on immediate happiness through creating a positive work environment with perks and rewards and long-term happiness by providing training, support and career progression. At Fruitful Office de Castro has achieved high levels of engagement by “provid[ing] training, a productive work environment and development opportunities…ensur[ing] that our team is motivated and happy, whilst improving their skills.”.

Do you feel that your team is highly engaged or demotivated? What engagement approaches have you tried? Share your experience and insights.