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Do You a Have a Billion Dollar Company?

Do you have a compelling value proposition?

  • Is it breakthrough?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Does it leverage the supply chains at lower prices with good enough quality?
  • Is it an unmet need?
  • Is there a high perceived value?
  • Do you deliver an unique experience?
  • Are the reasons for buying in the emotional or financial?
  • Are you new product/service driven?
  • Are you clear to all your stakeholders about: Target market/Customer profile/Value provided

Is it a high growth market?

  • Is the market clearly segmented?
  • Are your market segments growing at multiple rates?
  • Is the market big enough to grow at least one 1 bln. company
  • Is your growth rate higher than your competitors
  • Can you grow your current market share with a 1000%
  • Are (potential) customers open to buy from small companies like yours?
  • What is the level of competition (how truly distinctive is your offering?

Are you shaped by your customers?

  • Do you partner with your customers to help define the benefits, give feedback, field trails?
  • Do clients use your product and services with their clients?
  • Do your customers refer you on and help you grow?
  • Does the 20/80 rule apply?
  • Are you best clients growing at multiple rates?
  • Do you use client testimonials in all your communications?
  • Does the management meet regularly with important customers?
  • Does your R+D department work with leading customers

Do you have impressive partners?

  • Is partnering part of your core strategy?
  • Do you have alliances with bigger companies?
  • Are the alliances managed at executive level?
  • Is there an alliance with the Big Brother or Sister?
  • Are you the only one in your market with such a alliance?
  • Do you benefit significantly (revenue, cost reduction, growth) from alliances?
  • Are the win-wins of the alliances mutual?

Are you making enough money?

  • Is financial information easy accessible and transparent?
  • Do you measure and optimise the profitability per customer?
  • Do you consistently exceed the stated goals?


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