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Do You Have An Innovation Culture?

Innovation does not happen; it must be planned for, organised and managed. Do you:

  • Get constant feedback from and direct contact with customers (client panel)?
  • Regularly review information from a wide variety of sources?
  • Regularly hold brainstorming sessions with a group of people from different backgrounds?
  • Have a budget for innovation?
  • Make time for yourself or your staff to search for new ideas (for example, 3M allows R&D workers to spend 15% of their time on their own ideas and initiatives and has a rule that 30% of turnover must come from products developed in the last five years)?
  • Have an ‚Äúidea box‚Äù (like a suggestions box) with cash prizes if ideas are used by the business?
  • Use project teams (made up of both technicians and sales people) to work with clients on specific ideas, with the team having the power and authority to implement necessary changes?
  • Have a positive atmosphere in your business towards change?


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