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Do you know what monkey brain is?

Do you know what monkey brain is? It’s a kind of mental wander lust. Many entrepreneurs have this condition. It manifests as busy work. Put crudely an entrepreneur with monkey brain will be described (behind his back) as a ‘blue a@&%d fly’ jumping from one wild idea to another; more mildly he’ll be described as someone for whom the grass is always greener or as someone who never gets anything finished.

The condition is universal but very prevalent in the IT space. Founder techies with great ideas start building a world class product.  They happen upon a better platform for development (so they hack the old platform into the new). Then they start adding functionality and great new features…Then more functionality….And more features.

Feature creep
They end up with so much feature creep that the product becomes virtually unusable. If by a miracle it does get to market, the business gets locked into a cohort of coders who are the only ones that can make sense of the spaghetti they developed. So it becomes doubly hard to grow the business.

As well as a resident half wit, SBC also has a number of monkey brains sitting on its board. They’re all very bright and significant contributors to what is now a national initiative. However, we’ve also limited the damage their monkey brains can do by having very good corporate governance. Meetings are minuted. We agree actions. People are given responsibility and authority to execute.  And we all report on progress on a regular basis.

Despite this, we’ve still allowed feature creep to infiltrate our business. For at least the second time in 4 years we’ve become mesmerized by features and functionality on the SBC site. We’ve lost track of the roadmap. When you look at the site now, you’d wonder if we’re a community, a forum, a blog or some sort of library of information on running a business. (And some of you are to blame! We keep getting emails saying why don’t we do this or why don’t we do that!…And we can’t say NO!)

User generated blog
To cut a long story short we’re doing a major revamp. We’re also moving platforms..although there will be some of the old platform still in there somewhere. And there’s going to be loads of new features and functionality. But this time will be different. We’re going to stay disciplined. The site will be focused on the community… and the forum…. and the user generated blogs and……

C’mon this eZine is only intended to tell you what monkey brain is and highlight its dangers. We never said we have the cure!

If you have insights on how to focus on an idea, build a road map and run a disciplined business, please share it on the site.