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Does My Business Need An App?

This is a question I get all the time now. There is a huge amount of hype going on about iPhone/iPad/Android apps but in my view most businesses do not need them.

I met a hotel manager recently and asked how his business was and he said it was up mainly due to the internet.

He said his ads were high in Facebook and he was getting an app done for iPhone. I didn’t ask why but cannot understand why he is paying so much for an app. I asked him how about an app for Android as they are way ahead of iPhone when it came to figures during the past half year and he didn’t know what I was talking about!

It wasn’t the time or place to educate him but he really doesn’t need one, I did it just to get him to ask a question of whoever was convincing him about having an iPhone app.

Hopefully, he’ll do more and go on Google and get informed rather than be convinced after a phone call that he should have an Android app as well and it’ll cost him a lot more money.

So why does the hotel in this case not need one? Well put yourself in the place of the person thinking of staying in a hotel in Dublin. What will they do from their mobile phone?

The smartphones that represent a lot less than half of mobiles out there (although I acknowledge in 2-3 years that will change dramatically) have apps,  so will the user go searching for a specific hotel in Dublin or do a general search?

If the user stumbles upon a Dublin hotel app will they then download it just to look at it? Then go to the next Dublin hotel app download their app and look at it. Then the next Dublin hotel download their app and look at it?

——- I think not!

The person looking for a hotel will probably do a Google search from their phone and key in hotel in Dublin wouldn’t you think?    So presuming the person does this and clicks on a Google ad about a hotel from their mobile  how will it show up on their mobile? In 95% of cases it’ll be all over the place.

Scroll up, scroll down, booking and payment facilities not being able to function etc.

So what is the best thing to do?

Your business needs to have a mobile website, a website that will be similar to your website that will take a ‘feed’ and also provide the facility of being able to check availability, book and pay —-from their mobile.

Check how your website looks on mobile by sending a text to your mobile including the link and then open it

Final Point…. in ALL your advertising you should have the additional call to action of:

Or  Text AN EASY To REMEMBER KEYWORD to a standard rate text number.
— In the reply the company’s mobile website will be included for anyone to open

To learn all about mobile check out

Peter Fry