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Does the world owe you a living?

We try to be an anti doom and gloom zone. It’s not easy, especially if you watch a lot of news programmes on our national broadcasters. What’s really frustrating is that our problems are not only economic, they’re also systemic. How many politicians would survive a week as an employee in your business? (But then again how many of you would survive a week as a politician?)

This week’s antidote comes from Start up programmes: The future SMEs and employers on this island. We’re hooking up with eircom, Bord Bia and a number of Student programmes in the ROI. We’ll announce our NI partnerships soon.

Little Gems
See if you can learn from or offer insights to these businesses that are getting videos done as part of eircom’s Little Gems program.
Have a look here.

Bord Bia  is very active on the site.  It just had its first event, Foodworksireland. This initiative is trying to help create the next generation of foodpreneurs.
More on the FoodworksIreland programme here.
Also has some good tips for start-ups here.

Apt Pupils
On Monday  one of the SBC team started as the resident entrepreneur for the Innovation Academy in UCD. We want to get the thousands of Smallbusinesscan members involved in helping student start ups. On Thursday we were at the launch of Irish University Entrepreneurship. Inspiring and brilliant. Our future is secure if the quality of companies such as this one are anything to go by. Student start up needs your help.

If you have tips to add, feel free to comment or post a video. Yes, a video, most of us have smart phones now. Video yourself and send it to the site.

Easter Appeal
If you have something to say that might help another business person, write it up and send it to us. Keep it short – 500-700 words and write it as you’d say it. It can be on any aspect of business from raising money to filing patents to winning more customers to finding new markets. SBC gives full credit for all blogs and links back to the author’s site.

We’re also starting to make a bigger effort to promote the blogs and you’ll see us regularly on Facebook and Twitter highlighting particularly good blogs. It’s a great way to promote yourself while helping other businesses. And yes its sometimes good to get something down on paper and off your chest. If they’re appropriate we publish blogs like them too.

But no whining. We’ve plenty of people in the non productive side of our economy still believing that the world owes them a living and they’re doing enough whining for us all.

Submit your Blog here…

Have a look at the front page of the Blog for this week. SBC contributors are a discerning lot. What a range of subjects!