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Don’t Just Talk the Green Talk (Part 1)

Luckily for all of us and the environment, businesses of all sizes are playing their part in going green. However, small businesses still may be hesitant to initiate the necessary changes in fear of high costs and loss of productivity.

The truth is showing our commitment to sustainability is not just an abstract wish of the environment protection groups. This movement has grown to such vital importance that small business CANNOT ignore it as a necessary marketing tool. Don’t consider the business benefits of green marketing the wrong reason to do the right thing. Upholding moral and social responsibility always has financial benefit because talk alone doesn’t attract customers and it certainly doesn’t keep customers. Green marketing is a business strategy. It is what a business does behind the scenes that show its market viability and ability to keep its promises.

Be honest about your intent

Think about it. Would you purchase the services or products of a company that says one thing but does another? A company that states its products are “green” but expends great valuable resources to produce that product such as tonnes of paper, wraps products in plastic and provides plastic water bottles at meeting with customers isn’t being honest about its intent. 

“Green” is no longer just a catchphrase. It is important to consumers. One of the best and most effective methods to go “green” is to go “electronic”. There is much more than recycling to be done by small business. Providing reusable water bottles and wrapping product in paper or, better yet, reusable bags, really are no-brainers.

Green marketing strategy

Actually, a strong green marketing strategy can be very accessible and inexpensive. Sharing information, which is the crux of building a good marketing plan, can be done using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, communication methods such as MailChimp and WordPress. They are easy to use, have a massive (worldwide) audience, and are free or low cost. 

Provide whatever you can electronically. Take advantage of online gadgets to get max use of your website (you do have one, right?). Open an online store, provide customer surveys, update your information in newsletters, advertise great deals on your Facebook landing page, and more possibilities are endless. You’ve widened your market and eliminated the use of resources from countless meetings (petrol from travel and those ever present water bottles!), paper, printing, packaging, not to mention, your time and money.