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Alec Drew - The Straight Talker

Don’t say it cannot be done, just tell them how much it will cost

Human nature

Human nature is very strange – for example if you tell a child not to do something they immediately want to do it. Similarly, if you tell someone they cannot have something, they immediately want it even if they do not need it.

I have come across this issue many times over the years and have seen people get into rows by not responding in the correct way.

The solution

My solution is very simple. If someone asks for something that is outside of what was agreed at the beginning of your contract but is physically possible you give them a choice.

You tell them ‘we had agreed to supply that by next Wednesday but you now need it tomorrow – yes I can do that and the additional cost is (whatever suits you), however, I can still deliver next Wednesday at the original price if you prefer that.

In most cases the client was happy to wait until the agreed delivery date or in the rare case that it arose was prepared to pay a premium.

My simple tip…

Give people a choice and use your discretion when charging a premium price.
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