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Dressing mutton up as sheep

The new jobs initiative has been described as rearranging chairs on the Titanic and dressing mutton up as lamb. The cynical go even further and say that it’s the old tired ideas being put forward by the usual grey suspects with an expensive bit of PR spin to make it look fresh. All we can say is that it’s a great list with a lot to be hopeful for. And at least SMEs are getting a day in the sun where there’s an acknowledgement that more needs to be done to support this hugely important and productive facet of the economy in the ROI.

Will the list turn into a plan where public servants have numbers on their backs and be accountable for getting the plan executed? We can only hope? If the press release is anything to go by, this initiative not starting well. You can see that at least a dozen people all wanted their ‘bits’ in there. The committee turning a cow into a camel springs to mind.
Have a look at the press release

Ah well, back to reality. SBC members and panelists at the recent Business Live events indicated that cash and working capital management are the key business disciplines in these straightened times. Here are articles on working capital, cash management, asset finance and invoice financing, claiming R&D credits and building a banking relationship, amongst others…They’ll be going on the blog soon.
If anyone has any more to add please continue the thread here.

Here’s the reality we all want. We’re starting to get 40-50 second interviews with businesspeople that are making a go of it. Have a look at them and hear the key messages from these successful businesses. It’s about cash-flow, it’s about looking for help, it’s about looking after staff, it’s about family and community.
Have a look at the values of some of our up and coming companies here.
While they’re all brilliant here’s a couple of stand-outs.

Established in 2010 by then Transition Year student Tara Haughton, Rosso Solini sells high-heel makeover kits with coloured soles, giving shoes a designer look and enabling women to match their soles to an outfit.  With four products and 22 colours and designs in its range, Rosso Solini has been exported to over 25 markets. Tara is in fifth year now!
Listen to this inspirational young person here.

We also like the practicality of this one by Joule, a company selling solar panels into the GB market. The advice company Director Ian Barratt gives when taking on the UK market is to take it in small steps, one step at a time.
Here’s Ian’s video interview

And speaking of the UK, the Business Live roadshow thunders on. We’re in Cork on Next Monday night, Waterford on Tuesday evening and Dublin on Wednesday.  If you want to find ways of cracking new markets and listen to people discussing how they did it and lessons learned, then come along.
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