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Ennis Cattle Mart and Ulster Bank

Mart Manager Martin McNamara was delighted to hear that UB were pushing an Agri proposition and was fully supportive of the bank attending Tuesday’s mart.

Another big sale and a very strong trade at Ennis Mart.

There were plenty of farmers and shippers actively buying stock and overall both the bulls and heifers weanlings trade were improved by €10 to €20 a head on last week.

Heavy bull weanlings made from €1.80-2.72/kg, 300-400kgs from €1.45-3.02/kg and lighter bulls under 300kgs made from €1.96-3.32/kg. Heifer weanlings over 400kgs made from €1.80-2.75/kg, 300- 400kgs from €1.77-2.97/kg and lighter heifers under 300kgs €1.78-3.00/kg.

There was a big sale of Suckler cows which included a clearance sale and they were a very strong trade. Cows with calves at foot made up to €1,930 with In-calf Cows up to €1,400. Dairy cows were harder sold and made up to €1,300. Calf numbers were up on last week and trade was very strong.

Friesian bull calves made up to €190, Hereford calves €335and Continental calves €480.

Sheep numbers were back on last week but trade was strong. Spring lambs made up to €138, Ewes with lambs at foot €222 while Cull Ewes made up to €116 Bull Weanlings: 1 Lim 510kgs €1,190, 1 Char 385kgs €1,165, 1 Lim 425kgs €1,160, 3 Char 425kgs €1,100, 4 Char 390kgs €1,020, 2 Lim 340kgs €1,005, 5 Char 295kgs €980, 5 Lim 275kgs €840 Heifer Weanlings: 1 Char 385kgs €1,145, 1 Lim 395kgs €1,100, 1 Lim 380kgs €1,015, 1 Bbx 365kgs €1,035, 1 Lim 290kgs €870, 2 Char 290kgs €795

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