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Europe China Trading Hub (in Ireland ?)

I knew they were up to something, just wasn’t sure what, until now…. But I thought someone else would’ve picked up on this before me, or maybe I’m just jumping the gun, or to conclusions….

My sources tell me that China has given the nod to build a USD1.85 billion trading hub in Westmeath. 
I believe the idea is something similar to the Chinese city of YiWu (if you’ve been there).

Displaying Chinese goods 
The Chinese plan to build this Europe China Trading Hub in Ireland so that they can display Chinese goods to international (mainly EU) buyers without the need for the buyers to have to travel to China (and all that that involves).

Obviously this is unbelievably good news for Ireland, and a huge kick in the pants for the economy. Suggest we start learning to speak some Chinese.

Post by Brian Bailie, contact

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