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EyeSeeGames: Educational Spelling Solution

EyeSeeGames are a games development business focused on the development and design of innovative educational games that train the visual (stored) memory. The games are primarily designed for fun, encouraging students to engage in creative and lateral thinking. By using the games students and adults will increase their visual acuity, letter recognition, spelling and vocabulary.

Currently EyeSeeGames are concentrating on the launch and commercialisation of the Dyce educational spelling solution for use in the home and teaching environments. Playing Dyce facilitates students to practise key knowledge i.e. letter recognition and orientation.

Gareth Hanlon developed the Dyce the game concept in its entirety (Programming by Sean Hayes). Gareth gained previous experience during 15 years as a personal tutor in a wide range of subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and English). It is this degree of experience that facilitates the design of quality games with a high educational value. Gareth specialises in Game & Toy Design, Web Development, Branding & Innovation.

As part of our promotion strategy on the forum we are offering parents and individuals the opportunity to download the English and Gaeilge Editions of Dyce with a time limited 2 for 1 offer. Visit the HOME OFFER page on for details.

Gareth Hanlon (085-8830071)

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