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EyeSeeGames: Educational Spelling Solution

The Dyce educational spelling solution is currently available in two languages; English and Gaeilge. EyeSeeGames are currently developing a Welsh language edition of the software. Over the coming months we will be adding a number of European languages to the Dyce suite, including but not limited to Welsh, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

The Dyce spelling software is currently being used in more than 150 schools in Ireland and testimonials and feedback from a number of these schools can be viewed here. Following a recent upgrade of the software including features and functionality, EyeSeeGames will be targeting primary and secondary schools across Ireland and Wales with their innovative educational spelling solution.

As part of our promotion strategy on the forum we are offering parents and individuals the opportunity to download the English and Gaeilge Editions of Dyce with a time limited 2 for 1 offer. Visit the HOME OFFER page on for details.

Gareth Hanlon (085-8830071)