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Featuring Fiona Kingston, Ulster Bank

We have been working with Ulster Bank for 6 years now. It has always struck us that the perception of bankers from the outside, does not correspond with our experiences. In fact Ulster Bank is filled with cool dudes and dudes, who have a very interesting stories to tell.

Programme director of Business Women Can

So we decided to put them on video. Here is the next in our series, featuring Fiona Kingston of Ulster Bank. The women behind Business Women Can, an initiative that celebrates the success of women led businesses and helps and support women led business. An indication of the success of Fiona and Business Women Can is that from zero the women led category in the Business Achievers Awards is not the most popular category (with a lot of excellent businesses). 

Family, trekking and running

When Fiona is not working for Ulster Bank, she keeps busy with her two boys, her husband and goes out hiking and trekking in county Cork. She runs too, include at least 2 half marathons every year.

The tip for success

When we asked her for her business number tips, she gave us two.