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Featuring Ray Boyne, Ulster Bank

We have been working with Ulster Bank for 6 years now. It has always struck us that the perception of bankers from the outside, does not correspond with our experiences. In fact Ulster Bank is filled with cool dudes and dudes, who have a very interesting stories to tell.

Head of corporate services

So we decided to put them on video. Here is the first in our series, featuring a very interesting character in Ulster Bank. A man steeped in performance management and sports. He is the head of corporate services, where he tries to be as invisible as possible:

Dublin GAA

Just as interesting is what he does when he is not working for Ulster Bank. Ray was the performance manager for the Dublin GAA and is now working for the GAA academy. If you want to follow his analyses, his twitter is @AnalysisGAA. You will find him on RTE every now and then commenting and he writes and speakes regularly about performance management and sport.

The tip for success

When we asked him for his number one tip, you will not surprised what he said: