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The feedback so far; the Ulster Bank business website is a Ford

We asked and your responded. We are now close to 200 responses. We like to thank you and Ulster Bank decided (in the spirit of co-creation) to share some of the feedback so far. It has been very good and very constructive. If you want to add your feedback, you can do it here 

What do you like best about the site

 The overwhelming response was the homepage makes it easy to navigate to your chosen page (83% found it easy to navigate through). Some mentioned they liked the videos and the general simple layout.

 Most frustrating about the site

 The lack of consistency between the personal and business sites. No real UB brand identity. Once the navigation drills down site can become overly complex. Secure banking needs to be simpler to setup.

 If you could change one thing on the site what would it be?

 Make the site more personal, less stock imagery and more evidence of Ulster Bank taking an interest in its business customers (Videos, contact options, hearing from customers etc). UB Branding again too boring and sterile.

 Product information, too much / little / right amount?

 74% right amount of information

 Additional information or functionality needed to improve the site

 Introduce online tools i.e. loan calculators, product comparison tools, live market information,  links to informative websites for startups… and the one I liked, some case studies of businesses which UB have helped.. Along the lines of a ‘how to series’ for startup.

 Companies doing a good job with their website

 Ryan Air and BBC are the two most mentioned.


.. A majority believe the recent changes have improved the site.

To ensure UB offers a best in class online account opening platform it must be:

  • Easy to complete,
  • Preferably have an instant decision. If not, engage with customer through email / text.
  • Have helpful guides throughout application.

Features we should improve for our customers:

  • Contact options
  • Account information and layout
  • Ability to apply online for more accounts
  • Lots of interest in hearing more from UB agents on video.

And finally.. our favourite question.. If our website was a car what would it be..

 A Ford …. reliable but doesn’t excite with style or functionality.

Again, if you want to add your feedback, you can do it here 

One Response to The feedback so far; the Ulster Bank business website is a Ford

  1. Damien White December 1, 2014 at 9:23 am #

    Thanks to everyone who has completed the feedback survey to date. It has not only confirmed what we thought already, but also gave us more insights in how to improve. We are working hard in the background to rebuild the site and the feedback recieved is helping us do that. Remember that there is a chance to win two tickets for Ireland Vs France in the 6 Nations next year, and we will draw the winner on the 15th of December, so a nice early Christmas present for someone. Keep the feedback coming!! Thanks

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