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Find An Open Or New Category In The Customers Mind

The human mind can only deal with up to 7 units of information at a time. People therefore have rationalise and simplify the world of non-stop, multiple communications and messaging to process the information they need to make decisions.

When it comes to buying decision making, people use categories and rankings to simplify and rationalise. Consumers categorise their needs and wants to simplify their buying objectives and they rank the leading brands (products) in those categories to rationalise their purchase. Research shows that the Top 3 brands in a persons buying consideration set for a category – get 70% of the sales opportunities.

The mind accepts only that which matches prior knowledge and experience and a mind that is made-up is almost impossible to change.

However, the mind opens up to something new that why news advertising is effective.

Getting the top (three) place in the customers mind, takes these (five) steps:

  1. Find an open or new category in the consumer mind. A mind that is made-up is almost impossible to change. The mind however opens up to something new
  2. Give that open or new category a simple name, to impress it in the consumers mind
  3. Create a powerful brand name that emotionally connects with the consumer
  4. Launch the brand with an initial pre-launch campaign and following intensive PR Campaign
  5. Protect the brand position with significant advertising. If you are the brand leader,then promote the category. If you are not, then promote against the brand leader


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