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Five Companies Experiencing Rapid Growth

Growth is something not every business is fortunate enough to experience, especially with the economy yet to mount a recovery following the long and drawn-out downturn. Luckily, there are a small yet noticeable number of enterprises who appear to be bucking the trend of downsizing and playing it safe, but how?

The main reason is that they’re selling products and services which are niche but have strong appeal. They’re also a little quirky, which makes them appear friendlier in the eyes of the customer. Here are five companies experiencing rapid growth…

1. Goal Zero

Capitalising on concerns about the environment, Goal Zero have achieved their success by selling solar-powered rechargeable units that work for appliances of different sizes. They work with small ones such as tablets and smartphones as well as larger ones such as refrigerators, which can be expensive to run on the grid.

2. Wedding Wire

Acting as a hub for all services wedding-related, Wedding Wire have grown rapidly in the past few years, even opening a sister site in the UK. Their original site works as a hub, directing visitors to a range of providers of venues, jewellery, dresses, catering and flowers, helping to cut out any extra work that would otherwise go into planning.

3. Doc Popcorn

Selling popcorn from over 100 different outlets across the US, Doc Popcorn had humble beginnings. Having first started out as a husband and wife operation, their pledge to sell a healthy, nutritious snack has played well with health-conscious Americans who want to stay away from the usual junk food.

4. Lumosity

Making a range of brain training games for smartphones and tablets, Lumosity have managed to tap into a growing market, and have reaped the benefits. What helps to set them apart from other developers is that they have active involvement in research into cognitive development, which helps to aid the most prominent side of the business.

5. HomeWetBar

Selling quirky and one of a kind gifts purely for men, HomeWetBar have managed to carve a niche for themselves as online retailers. The range of gifts they sell include barbecue tools shaped like golf clubs and unique wine bottle holders, both of which have helped to make them one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing enterprises.

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