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Five Tips for Establishing a Successful International Business

Travel, especially travel on an international level, is one of the most challenging and enjoyable parts of building a business that spans more than one country. Thanks to the Internet and other advances in technology, the world has become smaller and businesses, particularly digitally-based ones, are taking advantage of that fact. The process may involve partnering with companies in other countries, serving clients abroad, or hiring overseas. When setting up an international business, these five tips will help you prosper while avoiding errors.

Patience Is Crucial

When you plan on doing business in another country, it is vital that you appreciate and understand the differences in culture. In today’s digital environment, most of us are used to working at a blistering pace. However, you must learn the customs of the people you are working with in order to earn their trust when you do business overseas. Governmental officials and senior executives in foreign corporations deeply appreciate this approach.

Be Smart

Travelling the world and working allows you the op to be smart with your money. Perhaps you won’t be using the work car space and can rent it out. Perhaps your business won’t need as much or may need more warehouse space – then rent it or rent it out with There are loads of smart ways to make money when travelling and make things easier.

Take Time To Enjoy And Socialize

Head out to events with your foreign associates and colleagues to deepen your understanding of the local culture and expand the level of trust. Doing so builds your community reputation and provides an opportunity to meet new people. Over the years, I have experienced government balls, wine tastings, and trips to the countryside in glorious locations. I’ve learned how to make wine, absorbed foreign cultures, and even honed my survival skills in the wilderness. This blog post on lessons learned from leaving corporate life puts a lot of what we do at work into perspective and should be headed in light of this post too.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

When your new colleagues offer to share something with you, take it as a sign of respect. Be open to everything from the simple and basic to the outlandish and thrilling. Good examples include a willingness to explore local dining habits and experience the food included in the local cuisine. If for example, if you were only willing to eat a hamburger in a Parisian French restaurant, it would be discourteous. Over the years, I have eaten everything from Fugu, a Japanese delicacy made from a fish that’s potentially poisonous, to Goulash and have truly enjoyed discovering how things in other parts of the world are done both during food preparation and service.

Keep In Touch

The best advice is often quite simple. Keep the connections you have made by using modern technology such as Skype or Hangouts to stay in touch on a routine basis. It’s simple to do. Why not resolve to do it? I prefer using the voice chat and video services found on Google Voice and Google Hangouts since I am a digital enthusiast. However, you can also use, Harvest, Tripit, and other applications based in the cloud to integrate your international business. Just ensure your data is safe – here are some good tips from

Travel With Your Health In Mind

Make sure that you stay healthy when you set out to travel long distances. On the Internet, you can find many detailed articles on this topic that will provide important advice. Keep in mind that when you arrive at your destination, the quality of your performance, your timing, and your health may suffer after a long haul flight. Doing simple things can help. For starters, you can save yourself a great deal of time waiting in line by signing up for the Global Entry Program. In addition, if you will be on flights when it’s time to sleep, your sleeping patterns may be disrupted. Take steps to ensure that you get the rest you need.

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