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FlowJob getting Ireland back to work

18 January, 2011, Ireland – As a package is implemented to bail-out the Irish government and the ailing banking system, forward looking Irish entrepreneurs have launched an online solution to help bail-out Ireland’s workforce of struggling service providers by finding them a flow of jobs to support their income.

Their product is called It is an online marketplace to help customers that require local services receive quotes from rated local service providers, more quickly and effortlessly than using traditional coloured pages directories.

The Mission

FlowJob’s mission is simple: “Getting Ireland Back to Work”, and if recent unemployment statistics are anything to go by, Ireland needs all the help it can get. From Sep-07 to Oct-10, unemployment rates in Northern Ireland have almost doubled from 3.9% to 7.6%. For the same period, unemployment rates in RoI have grown by over three times from 4.5% to 14.1%. To make matters worse; the Irish government’s EUR15bn austerity cuts to be implemented over the next 4 years will see further redundancies in the public workforce as well as cuts in benefits for the unemployed.

So how will FlowJob Get Ireland Back to Work? is a user-friendly website where customers can post the jobs that they need done instantly to thousands of registered service providers of all types who are eager to win work. Relevant service providers then quote for the job online and the customer selects the service provider that they want based on price and the service provider’s FlowJob Star Rating (awarded by previous customers).

Continued growth

FlowJob currently has over 25,000 service providers in its local directory and is continually growing as more and more service providers sign up to receive a flow of jobs that they otherwise would not have heard about via traditional advertising methods; it is this flow of jobs that means more service providers getting back to work. Furthermore, FlowJob’s model is designed to stimulate small businesses that cannot afford high marketing budgets by rewarding honest, good-value work with recommendations to future customers.

Crucially, FlowJob provides a winning formula for customers as well, making it easier for them to award jobs to service providers.

Customers save time by no longer needing to get in touch with several different service providers for quotes; with FlowJob, they just post the job once and FlowJob acts as a concierge to gather quotes from a number of service providers on the customer’s behalf.  FlowJob also saves customers money by creating competitive tension between quoting service providers and helps customers find the best local service provider for the job based on ratings awarded by previous customers. Furthermore, by posting jobs on, customers will be doing their bit to Get Ireland back to Work!

Ryan Cleland-Bogle, FlowJob’s Chief Operating Officer, commented:
“Whether you need a gardener or an accountant, FlowJob is a win-win for both customers and service providers alike. Customers will save time, save money and they will find the best local service provider for the job. More importantly, FlowJob helps service providers save on advertising spend, find more work and earn more money! Once service providers sign up to FlowJob, they can quote on as many jobs as they like – and there is no success fee for them to pay. If they do a good job for the customers posting jobs on the website, they will get positive ratings and create a cycle of success leading to more and more paid jobs!”