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This blog is based on a presentation by Arjan de Boer managing partner at ‘Shoot My Food’ in the Netherlands,  at the ‘Fresh’ Conference in Copenhagen last May.

In a paper titled ‘Food Inspiration – Experience the Food and Service Trends of Tomorrow’ Mr. de Boer said that the really new and novel trends in the broader food industry, always appeared first in the foodservice sector. Successful concepts and ideas in the restaurant sector are then taken on board by the retail grocery sector and food manufacturing companies.

In his opinion restaurants win business by ‘seducing’ customers away from their competitors with new and appealing food ideas. At present, emerging around the world is a key number of new food restaurant ideas
The following is a list of the main trends:

  1. ‘Fast and Slow’ – There is a move towards fast but fresher ingredients and healthier food e.g. Mc Donald’s introduction of salads. There is also the emergence of new fast food healthy restaurant formulas that educate people about food.
  2. ‘Healthy Choice’ – healthy menus as the core and only offering e.g. WAKU WAKU, Energy Kitchen in New York.
  3. ‘Transparency’ – This trend is about returning restaurants to wholesome food types or ‘whole foods’, foods our grandparents would recognise (e.g. fillets of meat not the processed version).
  4. Increased Vegetable & Fruit Consumption’ – consumers are seeking to eat ‘real food’ again, in reduced portion sizes, with more importance placed on vegetables and fruits
  5. ‘Raw Material Sourcing’ – ingredients are increasingly being used which are traceable across a number of key measures of importance to consumers e.g. freshness, local, seasonal, organic and sustainability
  6. ‘New Horizons’ – urban gardening, community gardening and ‘grow your own’ are often becoming the story behind the sourcing of food for new restaurants
  7. ‘Re-thinking of Lifestyles and Health’ – based around the emergence of healthy living centres, providing advise on all aspects of health and wellness in relation to lifestyle choices e.g. Whole Foods in USA

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