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We always harp on about selling, supporting start ups, importance of market research, knowing what your customers want, lean start up, etc. We figured it is time to go beyond talking about. We have 10,000 members. Surely that is a great place to try new things. So today we are trying something new by giving our members an opportunity to feature a new (has to be new!) product or service. It has to be free to our members too (we are a-b-s-o-l-u-t-el-y non commercial on SBC).

What better way than to start with Gerard Brandon of Eplixo who has been a great supporter from the beginning (he just shared another excellent insight on a discussion about social media), has build an app (get it here), which is a social media toolkit. We have created a banner for it and ask you to have a look, try it and give feedback.

The plan is to have this banner available once every week, month (dependent on the uptake) for companies that want to test market their FREE, NEW product or service. Let us know what you think.