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From Russia with Love

We looked at the stats for the site recently. If you take public and private registrations and include all those Russian members looking for ‘friendship’ as well as those kids in Taiwan and Shanghai selling cd keys and games, we have 10,000 registered members. We’re also averaging 20,000 visitors per month. So far so good.


Raising our game

We’re now trying to figure out how to take it to the next level. And to be honest, if anyone has any ideas, let us know!

We’re pretty happy, though, as we complete this phase. The numbers are solid (…very excited about our growth in Russia). The latest upgrade to the site has worked insofar as we haven’t reduced our traffic by closing off some of the functionality behind a registration wall. And we believe that the Wiki, Introduce a Friend and new iphone (coming soon) and android apps (coming sooner) are going to really help.

Invite a friend

The invite a friend functionality is ready to go. (You have to be logged in. Go to Community. See Friends).  You can now invite your business friends from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc . We hope that the functionality will get more people involved in sharing their lessons, asking questions and helping out other businesses.

Please use it!

You must know of at least one other person that can either add value to this site with their business experiences or who may need some help and insights from people already on the site as they try to grow their own business.

Here’s the Wiki

We need more people with new ideas and insights, as we are about to embark on the next part of the Smallbusinesscan journey. Part of our road map has always been to start the development of learning materials developed by business people for business people, based on their real-life experiences, business stories and lessons learned (the start up knowledge centre being the first attempt).

We know that management development is an issue. We know that it’s a factor in getting companies to grow (companies can’t grow beyond the competence level of the management team) and we know that most management development programmes available may not be fit for purpose (with apologies to the exceptions).

We want to capture the journey of businesses from start to successful exit and translate that into, what we hope will become a certified business drivers license (BDL), and make management development and learning about business timely (24/7/365), enjoyable, relevant, authentic and real life, supported by the 1000s of learning insights in the smallbusinesscan community.

As usual, we’re looking for you to participitate. We’re looking for business people that are willing the share the lessons they learned about management, money, marketing, motivation. We are looking for people that have experienced the growth stages of a business and are willing the tell their story.

Many hands make light work

You can see why we are keen for you to invite your business contacts because there’s a lot done, but a lot more to do.

Have a look at (very beta). If you want to volunteer and/or have content to share contact

Everyone that contributes will be acknowledged.