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From The Archives (Part 1)

Howdy folks…We’re running some oldies for the week to tide us over…it’s interesting to see just how things have progressed since we first blogged these pieces just over a year ago now…there’s some great reads here…regular transmission shall resume next week…

Lots of bits and pieces this week. Will try and highlight some posts where people were looking for help, but may have had the post pushed down the line without people really seeing it. This is still a problem: once a post moves off the front page, it can be forgotten. If anyone has ideas or can share best practice on this, please post in the forums.


Orient focused exports

Before we move to the forums it’s worth noting some other activities and events on the site. The blog has a number of good articles now on exporting. But we need more. Please share learning’s you have about moving into new markets – lessons learned, mistakes, successes. Asia is being heavily themed at the moment and users might also be interested in an event in Northern Ireland on February 17 as part of a series of events on doing business in Asia, organised by UKTI. Ulster Bank and Invest Northern Ireland are supporting the event. This seminar, in Dunadry Hotel, will focus on developing new business opportunities in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Funding focus for start ups

Still in NI, a list of non bank funding sources and their basic criteria has just been put on the blog. We’re looking to do the same for ROI…but might wait until a new Government comes in and ‘streamlines’. Feel free to add other sources that you know of. Just put them into the comment box and we’ll update.

Great name

Before moving off the blog, small mention of These guys reacted immediately to our last eZine appeal for stories… so up they went. It’s also a great initiative, with a great website..and like us they’re supporting the ‘little people’ with their imagery. Fingers crossed they’ll get profiled by the National papers.

Onto the forums

We’ve bumped a survey by Lisa back onto the front page. She’s doing research on outsourcing HR. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey. Anthony is doing a survey on workspace design. He’s a great contributor to the site so please take the time to complete his survey… he’s helped us out a lot! Should we mention Alan Clerkin’s survey on how people are going to vote in the ROI general election?

Enough with politicians. Here’s a post which encap… encapsul…. sums up what we’re about. Michelle works for a family nursery (trees and plants, not babies) and they’re moving into providing mature trees. Is this the right thing to do? How can she find out? What’s her market for this product? How can she get to it and promote her wares? If anybody has ideas/suggestions/insights… you know what to do.

Anyone with experiences of Personal Guarantees: ‘There was a case recently where a chap claimed that he lacked the mental capacity to understand what he was signing. While the judge agreed he was stupid, he was nonetheless held liable,’ according to regular contributor Paul Brady. This thread could develop…… wonder if it applies to those who rule us?

Speaking of fools: If you’re interested in hearing talks with headings like this: ‘The Role of the Fool in Corporate Accountability’ …..On Friday March 11 at UCD Smurfit School, eighteen of its faculty will present their latest business thinking and share their research in a unique one day event.

Lastly some good insights here for someone with a good idea. Look at the contributors. What a great advisory board!