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Get Behind the Guinness Gates

Guinness has never been one to shy away from using emotional appeals to cut through the noise of TV advertising with my old favorite surfer or swimmer adverts to the recent Sapeurs and wheelchair basketball adverts.

Recently the historic St James gates were again used as the backdrop for the latest Guinness advert. The historic Guinness Gates have featured several times before on TV and on billboard campaigns, even Conan O’Brien cannot escape their appeal.

Opening with a soft melodic backing track from Alain Francois Bernard, this advert follows a young brewer Peter Simpson, cycling to work through the streets of Dublin. After he passes the mammoth gates to enter, the advert lifts to show life inside the brewery bustle as a hive of activity and we see the black stuff being made before our eyes.

With history and heritage at its core, this campaign echoes other campaigns from SuperValu or AIB’s Backing Brave campaign focusing on people. Audiences will learn that many Guinness workers are 2nd and 3rd generation employees, firmly rooting Guinness and its heritage in the Irish mindset as it has in the Irish economy. This is not an Arthurs day campaign, it is mature and reflective.

‘We’re only 255 years into a 9,000 year lease, we have alot more beer to make’


Narrated by Irish actor Cillian Murphy the ‘Gates’ advert gives a glimpse inside the famous St James Gate brewery. According to its director, Philip Montgomery of LA-based Anonymous Content “Much of my filmmaking is about seeking, capturing and expressing things that are real and true”.

‘Gates’ is a great example of integrated marketing communications. It will air on multiple TV channels in Ireland until the end of November with outdoor, PR activation, social media and digital activiteis to support. According to Stephen O’Kelly, Marketing Director for GUINNESS, Western Europe. ‘We’re proud of our past achievements and we’re excited about those to come. We felt it was time to open the gates and let the world see the people who make our beer special.’

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