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Get out and stay out

The real challenge for a lot of people every day is getting up and out. And if you are running a business that is finding it very hard to survive in the times we are in, than its very easy to just stay in. Stay in bed. Stay at home. Stay in the office. Just stay in.

But what we really need to do is to get out and stay out. A few weeks ago I meet up with a very good friend of mine Ian. I have know Ian a long time and he, I think, understands me.  We were talking about how hard business was and how hard it was to win new business, well I was doing the talking and he was doing the listening.

After about 15 minutes he asked me an important question. He asked me if I was out and about. I looked at him and said of course. Sure was I not out now meeting him. But he said no, that’s not what he meant.  He said that I needed to be out of the office much more than every. Go for more coffees. Walk around town more.

Missing business opportunities
His point was that if people were not seen me and I was not bumping into people I knew, than I will missing business opportunities. Just walk now the street you might see some one or some thing that starts an idea or a new thought that could lead to new business or you calling some one that you did not realize you had to call.

So really that’s what we all need to do. Leave the office more often and be seen. Go for more coffees. Because in the times we now live in it’s very simple to simply stay put. Stay in the office and ring people for more business. Stay at home and hope the envelopes from the bank won’t be delivered by the post man.

And here is the real kicker. At first nothing will change but give it time and it will. Maybe you may just bump into some one who is looking for some one with your skills. Or a new business idea might just jump out and hit you.

Who knows.

Post by Mark Beggs, RightFrame