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Get the most out of your website

1. Create your website for your target market
2. List customer benefits on your website
3. Make it easy for potential customers to get in contact.
4. Create customer loyalty by adding interactive links to social media sites.
5. Regularly update the SEO on your website to increase footfall

This explains the above tips to increase traffic to your website and increase viewers to sales enquiries.

No.1 Tip: Create the website for your target customers and not the web designer

Does it take no more than 3 clicks to get an enquiry?
Landing page (To attract potential customer
Decider page (To show why they need to buy from you
Call to action page (Email us now for free information)

Add interactive links:
Social media links
Newsletter sign up
Forums & Blog
Download free information PDF
This will empower your viewers and create loyalty

Tips on increasing traffic to your website
Optimised for your target market
Use meta tags and title
Keywords flow in the content
Regularly updated with blogs and news and social media
Writer articles and reviews related to your industry
Online advertising to increase traffic during sales promotions

Monitor website using Analytics discover:
The pages viewers look at
The landing & exit pages
The time spent on site
Keywords used to find you
Number of viewers per month to convert to sales.
Best of luck and thanks again for reading this newsletter and forward to people you know who may benefit for these free tips.

Also check for more details, Denis Finnegan (Finn Media)