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Give Small Business Can the finger!

For all those that have facebook pages, can you take a quick visit to our facebook page and like us…give us the auld thumbs up….or even leave a comment or point your friends in our direction…we want to get a wee bit more involved on the Facebook front.

The other big message this week…

Over the coming month or so we will be launching a fair old revamp of smallbusinesscan that will involve a lot more functionality and an expansion of the franchise to start creating a marketplace for our members. (That’s pretty vague isn’t it…well we will reveal more over time…). In the meantime can you please do 2 things:

1. Make sure that your registration is working – that you know your username and password. Don’t worry if they aren’t or if you’ve forgotten them. Either re-register or send an email to and we’ll sort out the issue for you.

2. Make sure you’re happy with your profile. Using the tools in that section of the site –test, video, pictures, illustrations – are you showcasing your business to the best of its abilities. It can always be better. So spend a bit of time on it over the coming weeks.

You also have a little bit of time to influence the next upgrade. Post what you’d like to see in the roadmap group…or send an email to us directly

Thanks a lot folks and happy housekeeping!