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Going on the offensive

This is an important export survey…our exporters are on the frontline. They’re on planes finding new markets for our goods and services. They’re doing a great job. And we need to give them as much help as we can.  Lets start with a quick survey here. We want your feedback on the supports for exporters..what’s being done and what we need more of.

Your feedback will – we promise – be shoved under the noses of the powers that be and we won’t give up until they listen. We’ll also use it to beef up the exporting supports on the site, as we plan to roll out more in this vital area. So take the 2 minutes to fill in this survey! Please. It’s for all our benefits and it applies to businesses in the ROI and NI.

Never have so many depended on so few

As mentioned, we’re going to do everything in our power to support those businesses that have, or are thinking of,  finding new markets outside of Ireland.

Together we are stronger

We’ve set up a group so that we can discuss all aspects of the challenges and tremendous opportunities that the rest of the world offers our businesses. We’ve got representatives of all the trade bodies in there already. They’re motivated and willing to help (if they don’t we’ll export them!).

And if there’s a query that someone in the group can’t help with we’ll find someone who will. Just look at this about a trade enquiry on terms of credit in Turkey. A possible Turkish customer is looking is looking for 240 days from its Irish supplier…does it sound a lot? Maybe its the norm in that part of the world? Are there ways around it? If you can help..or need help…pile in!

Lead from the front

We’re also beginning to populate the Wiki with export oriented material. Subjects already covered are partnering (including a very handy checklist), contract terms, international marketing, doing business in China and much more.

Have a look and please…please..comment and contribute. We’re especially looking for contribution from businesspeople that are veteran exporters, that have found and cracked those new markets and are willing to share their war stories.

All for one and one for all

We’ll roll the Wiki out sometime next week. If we all contribute to this we will be able to create a one stop shop for any businessperson in Ireland looking to start or grow a business.

With contribution possible through Forums, the Blog, surveys and now a Wiki, we’ve pretty much covered all the channels to make it easy for us to build a great knowledge base for everyones benefit. So whether its an article, an insight, a tool or a template…if you have something that might benefit another businessperson, post It on the site.

Enough blather! Roll on the weekend! What? It’s only Wednesday!