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Going #shouldertoshoulder with giants in export

1 billion

Britain is our closest neighbour and most important economic partner, in trade, investment and tourism. €1 billion of trade in goods and services flows across the Irish Sea every week.


That is not only trade, it creates 400,000 jobs in Ireland and the UK. 200,000 in Ireland, 200,000 in the UK

Heavy hitters coming to Dublin on 27 and 28 February

43% of the export of our indigenous companies goes to Britain. Most of our food goes to Britain. Some of the heaviest hitters are coming to Dublin.  We are not referring to rugby but to the heavy hitters in the world of trade and export.

If you are an exporter, if you are interested in exporting, if you are in policy, if you are a support agency helping businesses, if you are in business, you should be there.

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