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Google Ads Banner Campaign 101

Creating a Google Ads banner campaign is a good choice for anyone just beginning advertising campaigns. Google has a built in Adsense network in which your ads will be displayed. Users will see your ads on Google search results pages and on websites which are part of Google’s Adsense network, without you having to organize or plan any of it.

Creating An Ad

First, create a Google AdWords account if you do not already have one at Click on the “Ads” sub tab and then the “New Ad” button. Then you want to choose “Display Ad Builder” to begin creating your ad. From the “Themes” subheading, find a theme you would like to use and click on its link. Here you can name the ad, write a headline, write a description, type the URL text you would like to display in the ad, and the actual destination URL you want to take the user to if they click on it. Once you have all this decided, you can upload the logo. Now you can select which size variation you want, review your ads, and save the ones you like.

Files and Sizing

Google AdWords is very specific about the file types and sizes that it allows to be used for banner ads. The ad has to be in either .gif, .jpeg, .png, or .swf, and has nine file sizes for you to choose from. There is mobile leaderboard, banner, leaderboard, square, small square, large rectangle, inline rectangle, skyscraper, and wide skyscraper. Try out a few different sizes before settling on one so you can determine which size best fits your purpose.


If you are familiar with Google’s text ads, their banner ads are priced in a same manner. There are two types of pricing option – cost per click and cost per thousand impressions. The cost per click pricing scale begins at $0.01 per click and rises up to $100 per click. With this price type, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. The cost per thousand impressions start at $0.25 per thousand impressions and rises to $100. With this one, you do not pay when users click on your ad, but you may be paying for users who see your ad and do not click on it as well. Google does not require a minimum budget for ad campaigns so you can bid as low or high as you want, with higher bids targeting popular keywords and demographics.

Launching Your Ad Campaign

Click on the “Campaigns” tab at the top of the page, and then click the “Ads” sub tab.

There will be a “New Ad” button and an “Image Ad” option within that. From here you will be able to select your banner ad that you create from the “Choose File” menu that comes up. Here you can name your image, type the URL that you want to display in the ad, and enter the actual URL you want the ad to take the user to if he or she clicks on it. Then save your ad, and it is ready to be displayed.

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