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Group hug….anyone?

How the hell did he do that? Looking around the site, happened upon Anthony Lingwood’s profile. He’s managed to get a feed on all things design into his profile? (Even Paul Cawley hasn’t managed to do this!). It’s a dedicated and really interesting blog in its own right: worth having a look and give him a thumbs up for figuring out to use this functionality on the site. Potentially every business on the site could have a ‘feed in’ covering aspects of their industry! Anthony –  or anyone else  who’s figured out how to use this —  any chance of a brief ‘how to’ explanation? Post it here. Small words and short sentences please.

Life in the old horse yet

Its like we’re having a love in with Anthony this week.  First off all congrats to him and all of the other designers that have worked and lobbied to get Dublin shortlisted as a Capital of Design. Anthony mentioned the launch of this campaign on the site over a year ago. To be honest we wondered privately if he was kicking a dead horse with the country’s reputation being at an all time low back then…It just goes to show that vision, belief, hard work and doggedness get their just rewards in the end. Fingers crossed for the final result!

Sharing is caring

Finally one more mention of Anthony (amazing what a couple of pints will get you). He’s started a thread to allow all of us share our facebook and Twitter links. The idea is that we all ‘follow’ each others Twitters and we all ‘like’ each others facebook pages. That way we will leverage the power of smallbusinesscan and its extended community to gain significant extra — and free — exposure for our businesses. Contribute your details to the thread but also spend the 5 or 10 minutes liking each others facebook pages and following each others Twitters (Tweets?).

…because my girlfriend looks better in it

Here’s a start — go onto Shayne Mangan’s new facebook page for his ladies sportswear range – Centrefield – and give it a thumbs up. Shayne deserves our support because he’s a long term contributor to the site. And to be fair, his ‘rag’ line for the page shows that he’s a born marketeer. He’s an example in the Centrefield facebook page blurb……two guys were remarking on why they choose Centrefield ladies  sportswear, “… Because my girlfriend looks better in it…. It’s as simple as that.”  It’ll also work as…”because my boyfriend looks better in it”… when you launch the menswear range, Shane. It deserves a thumbs up!

Source of good people

While we’re mentioning great supporters of the site, Tony Clarke has created a group called outsource: ‘A group for members who provide outsourced services to business where we can help each other by promoting the benefits of outsourcing to our colleagues in SBC.’ In an age where everything potentially can be outsourced (including the management of an economy)….could be worth a look. Thanks Tony. If you also attach the announcement of this group to threads and blogs related to outsourcing, you’ll build up a vibrant community. Anyone want to blog on this topic…send it onto to us in the ‘Blog Submission’

Something for everyone

The Blog, in fairness, is going from strength to strength. Keep them coming and write about the stuff that you think might help other businesspeople. Here’s three good examples on the site this week: Selling online (in 60 seconds)? by Christina Gilberti. Great article Christina – even our resident half-wit gets it — and thanks. Love the sentiment on your tagline by the way! “Working with a charity on digital marketing — email campaigns and strategies. I’m loving the work so much I’ve forgot I’m not being paid.”  We’re going to pass this onto some of our fat cat ‘public servants’!

Here’s another blog that caught our attention…The heading is ‘Can online services be secure?” Do you know what the first two words of the article are ‘Certainly not.’ Food for thought for all of us — at both ends of the credit card. Thanks Kerry Linux Services……for putting the fear of God into all of us!

Here’s a great story about SMEs helping themselves.
It shows how a group of like minded people are just getting on with it and helping each other out. Kehlan Kirwan, the author, and some of the people mentioned in the blog such as Olwen Dawe from Irish Business Intelligence are great supporters and hats off to this latest effort. By the way they’ve listed their hash tag etc…so get in there and support them.

Export’s where the action is

Lets finish on Exports. The group on the site is going well. Any questions, topics on exporting that you want, post them here. You should know the drill by now….. We also have a great cohort of pioneers testing our new Export Microsite. We’re not going to close this off just yet….If you’re exporting or if you want to get in early to start using a next generation forum, please pile in. Over the next few months we will be working hard on this site because it’s effectively part of the roadmap of how the overall site is going to work by the end of this year. It’s pioneering stuff. But as one of the young upstarts here said “…….all we have to do now is make it ‘old fart user friendly”. It’s why we’re going beta early on this one!

Last but not least, there’s an export group meeting in Castlebar on Wednesday, july 6th. Details in Events here. Get along to it if you can. Looks like a good few of the great SBC contributors are going to be there aswell..(Presume we’re staying the night? Ed.)

Have a great one!