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The business is recently founded and the imperative is to specify/make the product (concept), prepare a business plan, get market feedback and peer advice , find and access production capacity and fund this product concept validation stage from own resources, credit cards, potential customers and earnings. VIEW

The business is driven by the imperative of making sales. Without sales, there is no survival. The market is approached in a random way initially. Low-hanging fruit is the objective. Successful business sales patterns eventually replace ad hoc experimentation and not knowing where the next piece of business will come from. VIEW

Sales and customers reach a critical mass. Employee numbers become significant. The imperative shifts towards developing the company’s brand position and an operational, decentralised infrastructure with the capability to sustain growth as the “hot product” fades and the initial founding team moves on. VIEW

At this point, one of three things happens: (1) the business plateaus, reaching its internal limitation to growth, (2) or the business declines and fails (3) or the company experiences a breakthrough by redefining its business strategies and processes. If this stage is managed well, the company begins a new cycle on the growth curve. VIEW